Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Quiet Week

This has been a pretty quiet week. And by quiet, I don't actually mean quiet. How can it be quiet, with Caedmon crying (almost anytime he's not eating), Atticus screaming (because he's having to share, he's fallen down, he's upset, he's breathing...) and Adelaide also crying due to having Nursemaid's Elbow for the FOURTH TIME (otherwise known as having her elbow dislocated), this time because another little girl at school tried to pull Adelaide up off the floor. Fortunately Derek has become an expert at talking me through popping it back into place over the phone, thus saving us a $10 copay for a ten-second doctor's visit.

On the bright side, we decided it's close enough to Christmas to start playing Christmas music at our house, the Vikings won last weekend, brightening everyone's mood, and Caedmon is starting to smile a little more often, even cooing at all of us a bit (I think he wised up to the fact that no one could take much more of his drama... the big baby).

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  1. oh my...sounds relaxing. like a bubble bath with hundreds of flickering votive candles and some nature sounds playing in the background.

    or maybe like the exact opposite of that.

    but can i just say how stinking CUTE caedmon is?! i hadn't seen pictures yet!


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