Monday, November 29, 2010


This post represents the sum total of all the things I plan on accomplishing today (other than the general care and feeding of my children).
Well, because we accomplished an absurd amount of things over Thanksgiving weekend (and by "we", I mean Derek, his parents, my mom and Mark, and my sister Stephanie). This efficiency is so foreign to me (as a mother of three children ages four and under), I feel the need to do as little today as possible, just to restore balance to my little world.
So, what all did we get done this weekend?
Set up a home-gym in the basement, went Black Friday shopping, set up our new Shuffleboard table, decorated the house inside and out for Christmas, further winterized the house, cut my hair, put together the bunk beds for Atticus and Adelaide, purchased mattresses for said bunk beds, and of course, prepared and ate as much food in four days as would usually last us two weeks.
Oh yeah, and Derek and I have both taken turns being sick over the last two weeks. Over the weekend, Adelaide, Atticus, and Becky all shared what seemed to be some kind of flu bug.
Oh, and Dennis and Adelaide went to a Cyclones volleyball game (match? tournament? I profess total ignorance to general volleyball parlance. I'm sure someone will soon be correcting me.), and Derek and I got to go out to eat. (By ourselves. Without children. It was amazing.)
And I suspect Derek made the Vikings win through sheer force of will. You must admit, this is impressive.
And of course, this list doesn't include the requisite two to three loads of laundry I do per day just to avoid being buried by clothing and blankets that are pickled in spit-up and other unmentionable bodily fluids. I live such a glamorous life.
I realize I didn't address any of the things our family has to be thankful for in this post, and this is supposed to be the season of thankfulness; however, Atticus's patience has been stretched to the breaking point just in the time it's taken me to make you all feel bad about how little you got done compared to us this weekend. Our family does have so many things to be thankful for, so let's just plan on making that the topic of the next entry, which I'll try and post within the next few days. (I think I'll end on that note, leaving you all breathless with anticipation.)


  1. todd will appreciate derek's devoted effort on behalf of the vikings.

    and also, black friday shopping?!?!?! completely in awe of the energy you found somewhere deep inside to accomplish this. even before i had kids i never had the courage to try this, and now...well, let's just say that by the time i get a second to even put on a bra in the morning, all the flat screens would be long gone. and no one wants to see me jostling for deals BEFORE finding the time to put on a bra. so black friday shopping as an option is out for me - for support reasons.

    and also, i think it is called a volleyball rummage. a volleyball scrim. a volleyball...i have no idea either.

  2. Excellent, I did fool someone into thinking I contributed to the manic efficiency that was this weekend. No, I did not actually go shopping on Friday; Derek and his mom took the first, 4:30 am shift, and then those two and Derek's dad traded off for much of the day, hitting different stores, sometimes taking Adelaide and Atticus with them, while I stayed here with Caedmon.

    And definitely a volleyball scrim. Unless it's a scrum, or perhaps a duel?


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