Friday, December 3, 2010


Adelaide came home from school last week with this pinned to her coat. When I asked her why she was thankful for scissors, she said, "For cutting hair, Mommy." (In a "Duh, Mom," tone of voice.)
While I'm also thankful for scissors, and I know Derek is thankful for Garfield, Adelaide's little leaf pin got me thinking about all for which I am thankful. Oddly enough, the thing that comes to mind again and again is our washer and dryer. Maybe it's because I spend so much time in front of them, doing endless loads of laundry.
When we lived in Connecticut in our condo, the washers and dryers were in the basement of the building. On laundry days, I had to first make sure we had enough quarters for the coin-operated machines. Then, juggling multiple laundry baskets and baby Adelaide, I made my way from our second-floor condo to the basement, where I then I had to unlock the finicky basement door, and I could finally begin washing our clothes. (We actually have several photos of Adelaide as a baby, either perched on top of a pile of clothes in a laundry basket, or with her head poking out from under the pile.) It was important to remember to set the timer when I got back upstairs, because if I forgot to switch the wet clothes right over to the dryer, or forgot to pull the dry clothes out of the dryer, I was liable to find our clothes piled on top of one of the machines. This is all assuming the machines worked; I would frequently make the trek down to the basement to find one or both of the washing machines not working. Laundry in Connecticut was a major chore, and I dreaded it.

The good thing about all that work back in CT is that it's made me appreciate the fact that all I have to do now is march into our laundry room and stuff our own clothes into our own machines- our own home, no quarters, no locked doors, no waiting in line for the washer.

Not to mention the fact that we are blessed with clothing to wash, and three children to (constantly) soil them.

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