Wednesday, January 12, 2011


    Derek will be in Florida for the next few days, enjoying several rounds of golf with some old ESPN buddies, Disney World, and warmer temperatures.  They say absence makes the heart grow fonder, but I don't think Atticus and Adelaide could be any fonder of their Daddy.  Normally Atticus asks several times a day, "Where's Daddy?"  just to have me reassure him, "Daddy's at work.  He'll be home tonight."  Today, however, Atticus has taken to carrying around his plastic golf clubs, whacking at random objects (toys, walls, Adelaide), and saying, "I go golf with Daddy in Florida."  Adelaide prefers to chant the days that Daddy will be gone, and remind me over and over, "Daddy's going to come check on me in bed as soon as he gets home.  Even before he eats."  It's hard to tell how much Caedmon takes in, but he's still pretty solidly in his Mommy stage.  If he's anything like his siblings, this will last for a few more months, then he'll slowly but surely make his way over to Camp Daddy, where there is always lots of squealing, being hung upside-down, football, and general fun.

"Say cheese!"

"Okay, serious faces!"

"Now silly faces!"  (Atticus doesn't really take direction well at this age.)

The brainwashing begins early at our house:  Derek reading a book to the boys about football while simultaneously watching football.

And Caedmon is pretty happy most of the time...

...except when he's not.

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  1. hahaha, i love that last picture! haha.

    how are you guys doing?! need to talk to you soon!


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