Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Hats, Ankles, and Doctors

A couple days ago, we received a package in the mail.  I always love getting mail, but this one was especially fun to open:  It contained a hat for each of our children made by my lovely sister, Kelli.

Adelaide acting coy in her new purple hat with ears.

Atticus showing off a sideview of his new purple hat.  It boasts Vikings horns on each side and football-print fleece lining.

Caedmon in his brown teddy bear-style hat.  It is the cutest thing ever.

In other news, it looks like I'm going to have to keep a closer eye on Adelaide when she asks for the scissors to cut out one of her art projects.  Yesterday I was surprised to find that she had magically sprouted bangs where before there had been none.  Fortunately, most of her hair was in braids, so the only part she cut was the hair that had slipped out of her clips and was hanging in her eyes.  I'm also thankful she didn't cut them military-short; they're about eyebrow-length, so I think she actually looks quite fashionable.

I've been very excited by the warmer, 40-degree weather we've been enjoying the past few days.  What with the snow melting away and Caedmon finally being old enough that I can leave him for short amounts of time, I have been looking forward to finally resuming my running regimen.  However, yesterday as I was walking down the front steps, I slipped on the wet grass and rolled my ankle.  Almost immediately, it started to swell to roughly the size of a misshapen golf ball.  Inside, Derek was alerted to my plight by the sound of Atticus screaming and crying (I think it was my little spill that scared him, although it also could have been the weird gasping-laughing sound I make when I get hurt- hey, it beats crying), so he hoisted me up and carried me back up the steps and inside. 
Adelaide took this opportunity to play doctor, which was fun for her and painful for me.  After prodding my rapidly growing ankle several times and writing her analysis down on a piece of paper, she presented me with her findings. 
They read:

These are the words she knows how to write (HTA is supposed to be HAT, she sometimes mixes up the A and T).

She finished the exam by telling me she had four questions for me, and ticked them off on her fingers as she asked each one.
"First, is your other ankle hurt?"
"Okay, second, is it just the outside of your ankle that hurts?"
"Pretty much."
"Is it the same ankle you hurt last time when you were fixing my hair?"
Note:  I sprained my ankle in December, just by leaning too far over and over-extending the angle of my foot to my leg while I was doing Adelaide's hair.  So this time I'm able to use the brace I got from the doctor in December.  This kind of pathological klutziness that has resulted in so many injuries seems so grossly unfair that I feel like I should get some kind of compensation:  perhaps a tax exemption or a special parking spot at Aldi.
Anyway, back to the conversation.
"And my last question is:  What kinds of things did you learn in Kindergarten?"
"What does that have to do with my ankle, Doctor?"
"I just think you should tell me what you learned in Kindergarten."
Since Adelaide is starting Kindergarten next fall, she has become fascinated by all things Kindergarten.  It's a frequent topic of conversation in our house.  So I described many of the things I remember about Kindergarten.  This completed my examination.

As for the other kids, Atticus has moved out of the toddler bed and into the bottom bunk of the bunk beds.  It's interesting that Adelaide slept in the toddler bed for nearly two years, and it held up just fine; Atticus has been sleeping in it for just about two months, and it's already disintegrating.  He's obviously much rougher on things than his sister. 
Caedmon is now rolling back-to-front with relative ease, and he seems to enjoy this new-found (though rather limited) freedom.  I think he's trying to make up for his cranky first months by being extra happy now. 

I hope your week has been just as interesting as ours.


  1. Gosh Kelly is getting very good! Love the hats!

  2. hahahaha. i always laugh at your blogs. adelaide is basically the funniest person i know.

    you better get that prescription filled. i've heard that ankles have a hard time healing without the assistance of HTA.


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