Monday, February 14, 2011

'Member That Time?

'Member that time I was in seventh grade and had been gathered with my fellow classmates into the commons of my middle school?  After having attended a Lutheran parochial school my entire childhood, I had only been at the public middle school for a few months, and was thus one of the newer kids in my class of 200+ people.  Many people seemed to know of me, though, as the school nurse's daughter.  'Member how, that day, I watched with naive curiosity as that same school nurse came into the room where I had been corralled?  'Member how curiosity turned to horror as she began pulling out visual aids and I thought, "No... no way... she would have told me... warned me.."?  'Member how the glances of the people around me turned to outright stares and snickers as my Mom, the school nurse, then launched into what felt like an hours-long session of sex education?  'Member how it got even worse when she concluded the lecture by letting my fellow hormone-crazed hostages write anonymous questions on slips of paper, and then she answered them in front of everyone, and I got to hear words and phrases come out of my mother's mouth that no one should ever have to hear? 

Someday I may even forgive her.

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