Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Snow Day

Like so much of the country, we were hit by a snowstorm yesterday.  This resulted in preschool being cancelled for Adelaide, which means... Snow Day!

I know all five of you that read this (Hi Mom!) are just dying to know what we're doing today:

After a morning of surprisingly little fighting, Adelaide and Atticus just had lunch...

(Notice how beautiful my amaryllis is looking?  I love having flowers blooming inside when it's snowy out.)

...which means it's almost Atticus's naptime (yay), but until then he's still playing hard...

... and Caedmon got all dressed up for a day spent lounging around the house.

Thrilling, isn't it?

Derek, of course, still had to go into work today, after spending some quality time with our snow shovel this morning.  And the lucky guy will probably be heading back outside after he gets home tonight to shovel yet again.

In other, more exciting, news, Derek's sister Stacie and her husband Grant had their baby girl yesterday!  Brielle Rebecca joins big sister Aria, who's two, making Derek and I an uncle and aunt to two little girls now.

The most impressive thing about this post?  It was all done with one hand (yeah, it took way longer than it should have), while holding Caedmon with my left arm and trying not to let him drool all over the keyboard.

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