Monday, February 28, 2011


The ottoman in our living room is full of board games.  Scrabble, Chutes and Ladders, Wit's End, and Connect Four are just a few of those that are available for selection in our house.  Derek and I received several of these games as wedding gifts, because along with flatware and a blender, we also registered for games like Sorry! and Clue. 

Nothing says wild and crazy like Scrabble Travel Edition.

Atticus and Adelaide's room is often littered with pieces from Hi-Ho Cheerio, Yahtzee, and CandyLand.  Atticus's pockets usually contain evidence of our children's inherited love of (board) gaming. 

Each week at school, Adelaide's class studies a different letter of the alphabet.  "D" week was a couple weeks ago, and they talked about "Dads."  We received a delightful letter from school that listed each child's name, and following their name was a reason that kid loved their dad.  The sentence after Adelaide's name read, "He plays Sorry with me."  Many evenings after supper, Derek sits down with Adelaide to play Sorry!  She loves playing so much, she's taken to playing during the day, before Derek comes home.  Sometimes I am invited to participate, but just as often not. 

Last week, while watching her set up the "Happy Highway Game," I offered to play with her.  She politely declined and, setting up all five rainbow-colored tokens, explained that she already had enough players.  Her four companions turned out to be Tinkerbell, Kelli, Lumiere, and Paul.  This made sense to me, but you may require an explanation.  Allow me.

Tinkerbell:  Animated fairy; Disney character.  Not a real person.

Kelli:  One of my sisters; her aunt.  A real person.

Lumiere:  Animated candlestick from Beauty and the Beast; Disney character.  Not a real person.

Paul:  Author of and participant in much of the New Testament.  A real (though long-deceased) person.

Adelaide won, with Lumiere bringing up a close second.  The gameplay was intense, but the players were good sports.  I believe a good time was had by all.

Because this post is largely about Adelaide, I wanted to include a photo of her.  It's obviously not recent, but she is eating a s'more and sporting an awesome dinosaur tattoo.


  1. Well, I figure that the Silly Socks game will get a workout at our house. Always cracks me up to see a group of adults and Adelaide sitting around the cardboard washing machine pulling out cardboard underpants. Need to get a picture of that.

  2. i'd like to see that picture.


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