Thursday, February 24, 2011


I very often find myself asking my children this question. 

Variations of this question include:  What were you thinking?  What did you hope to accomplish here?  Or my personal favorite, What on earth possesed you to do this?

I very rarely get a coherent response.  In fact, my query is often met with silence.

Here are some of the Why's I found myself asking this week.

Adelaide, why did you stick a rhinestone up your left nostril?

Why were you trying to step on Caedmon's back?

Atticus, why did you dump heaps of wet sand on your head when I specifically told you not to?

Why did you bite Caedmon on the forehead?

Why did you smear Vaseline all over Caedmon's bedroom window?  Again?
I took this after I had managed to scrape most of the sand off of him but before his bath.

Caedmon, why do you keep spitting up on the floors, the rugs, the furniture, our clothes, my hair, and in my mouth?  (It was gross.  And warm.)

Caedmon, how can you be happy here...

...but so distraught ten seconds later?


  1. I must say, Adelaide's bangs are super cute. Well done, Adelaide. And also a well done to Atticus, biting someone's forehead sounds pretty difficult. Okay, so maybe not "well done" but "how?!"

  2. Poor Caedmon had one red row of teeth marks on one side of his forehead and another row on the other side. And oh, my, did he scream. Thankfully he's young enough that he forgets why he's crying after a few minutes.

  3. 12 more days until a visit to Grandma's house!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! How about a little break time for mom?

  4. I think begging is tacky, so I'll just say a dignified, "Yes, please."

  5. Those are daily questions we ask here :) And like you, I rarely get more than a blank look in return :)
    Sorry didn't chat today, my sister in law was informing me I was supposed to have picked up my nieces at daycare at 12...obviously wasn't going to happen and quite frankly I wanted peace until AFTER naps!


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