Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Local Woman Hosts High Tea

     Mrs. Lorri Greenlee, of the Winfield Greenlee's, recently hosted the society event of the season:  her annual Spring Tea Party.

     The party was so exclusive, the original guest list numbered a mere three lucky souls. The creme de la creme of Kansas society was there: Mrs. Kelli Huser and Miss Stephanie Price, and guest of honor, Iowa debutante Miss Adelaide Crisler. 

  While immersing themselves in genteel conversation, the ladies enjoyed a menu that is sure to become the final word in refined tea party fare:  Cheez-Its, Teddy Grahams, and grapes.
   When asked about the recent fete, Miss Crisler commented, "It was a lovely tea party.  The fancy table and chairs were lovely. The special glasses were lovely. The food was lovely."

  And her fellow guests? 


   Mrs. Greenlee kept the excitement level high by announcing surprise guest Mr. Atticus Crisler midway through the party.  This unorthodox testosterone-infused addition was welcomed to the table with grace.  Indeed, the splendid display of proper attitude and manners seemed to have a most civilizing effect on Mr. Crisler.

  Although he conducted himself with the dignity befitting one of his elevated station, Mr. Crisler did bring a decided masculine note to the gathering.  Decked out in a canary-yellow hard hat and wielding a green hammer, he was never without his two Hotwheels cars. 

  When asked for his opinion on the party, Mr. Crisler had this to offer:
  "I yike the grapes."
  And upon further prodding,
 "The table is purdy."

  An astute observation indeed, Mr. Crisler.

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