Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Birthday Girl

At almost five years old, Adelaide has developed very decided opinions on what she does and does not like.

She likes dresses.

She does not like jeans.

She likes reading, coloring, playing pretend, bossing Atticus around, and playing with Caedmon.

She does not like it when Atticus disobeys her or Caedmon doesn't feel like playing.

She likes anything sweet and anything pink.  She's trying to convince me we only need pink flowers in our yard. 

She tolerates any other color.

She likes school, church, her aunts and her grandparents. 

She does not like green onions or steak that is too chewy.

When she was this age, I wouldn't have guessed half these things about her.

I wonder what another five years will bring?


  1. Well, let's see.

    Kristy at 5 years old:
    Likes pink
    Likes dresses
    Likes reading, coloring and playing pretend
    Likes school and church - which were actually in the same building
    Likes occasionally being bossy pants

    Sound familiar?

    And in five years, slumber parties, dance and Babysitters Club Books.

    It's going to be an interesting journey.

  2. Oh, and really likes cookies.

  3. Bossy? Moi? For shame, Mother, spreading such lies around the internet.

    And the thought of slumber parties sends a little shiver of fear through my body- I still remember my sleepovers, and I'm pretty sure you guys didn't get much sleep.


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