Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Birthday Recap

This past weekend was Adelaide's Grand Birthday Extravaganza.  It began Thursday, when she brought mini-cupcakes to share with her classmates at preschool.  They were decorated with her favorite color, pink.

On Friday, her actual birthday, she decked herself out in her birthday best.  It was raining, so her finery included a raincoat and rainboots.  I think she managed to pull the whole thing off.

After changing her mind several times, she finally decided she wanted to go eat supper at Hickory Park with the grandparents and great-grandparents who had driven in to see her.  The waiters and waitresses all gathered round to sing "Happy Birthday" and presented her with a cup of bubble gum ice cream topped with a lit candle.  Atticus stuffed himself silly with blue ice cream, and Caedmon embarassed his mother.

Caedmon was seated in a high chair at the end of the table, and was behaving himself quite well.  I had turned toward Adelaide, away from the baby, when I heard a man at the next table laughing.  I turned to see what was so humorous, and followed his gaze to Caedmon.  The waitress had squeezed behind his high chair and the other table, and our son had swiveled around in his seat, arm outstretched, his little seven-month-old hand ever so gently carressing her derriere.  I felt a traitorous blush start to spread across my face and attempted to pull him out of his chair, but he did not want to be parted from his new favorite female and did his best to stay with her.  After what was probably all of ten seconds but felt like ten minutes, I managed to wrestle him out of his chair and into my lap.  The waitress turned and gave him an indulgent smile, and I attempted to convey to the boy that it's not considered polite to get fresh with perfect strangers, no matter how cute you are. 

Full of ice cream, our party trooped back to the house to open presents.  Adelaide was blessed indeed and communicated her gratefulness with a gasp of surprise and exclamation of delight as she opened each gift:  "Clothes!... Magic Tree House books!... More books!... A pencil!... A notebook!... Easy Bake Oven!..." 

Saturday morning, after dragging the children around to multiple garage sales, she finally got to have her requested Oreo birthday cake.  She has spent the last several days reading her new books, completing dot-to-dot pages, and baking teeny tiny cakes in her new oven.  She went to the doctor this morning for her five-year apppointment, and she has grown two inches the past year and gained four pounds.  The doctor was pleased with her progress, and while Adelaide wasn't exactly brave for the immunizations, she took the stickers and pencil the nurse gave her as a peace offering with good grace. 

We're all looking forward to her next year and the changes it will bring.


  1. Adelaide has great taste in cake, I had Oreo dirt cake as my birthday cake in a flower pot, complete with gummy worms, and a plastic flower (fitting for 25 year-old?). It looks like Adelaide had a very stylish and fun birthday! And Derek must've been so proud of Caedmon. Haha

  2. I can see you turning multiple shades of pink/red! Hillarious! (since it wasn't me). Adelaide told me all about the oreo cake.....I actually doubted that you would make her such a sugar filled cake! Proud of you :)


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