Monday, May 23, 2011

Ladies Man

Over the weekend, we had some friends from Connecticut over to our house.  This gave Derek an excuse to spend the afternoon employed in one of his favorite backyard activities:  cooking various forms of meat in his smoker. 

He makes some seriously delicious turkey in that thing.  Plus it makes our yard (and the whole neighborhood) smell scrumptious. 

After eating the turkey and other fixin's, we adjourned to the backyard, where our elder son's true colors began to shine through. 

Our friend Erin had settled herself in the grass and was playing with her sweet-faced little boy.  I had noticed Atticus edging closer and closer to her, and he finally sat down about a foot away from her.  He began looking at her out of the corner of his eye, not really turning his face completely toward her, just hoping to catch her eye.  When she finally looked back and smiled at him, he began looking at her sideways with a smile on his face that was a little lascivious and a lot creepy.

Fortunately, she seemed to find a two-year-old boy leering at her humorous rather than frightening.

This morning when Atticus came to rouse me from bed, his first question (after "I'm so hungry, Mommy,") was "Where's Erin?" 
I told him she wasn't here, emphasizing that she was probably with her husband Tommy- in other words, already taken.
This remark obviously had little effect on him, because he replied, "Dat's okay.  She can come pway wiv me in the backyard.  You can stay inside."

I don't know about you, but the song running through my head right now is "And They Called It Puppy Love."  Because it was kind of cute.

Also, "I'll Be Watching You."  Because it was also kind of creepy.

At this point, our friends may be glad they live in Connecticut.

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