Monday, May 2, 2011

'Member That Time?

'Member that time I asked my Dad what the boogeyman looked like? 

'Member how I was only really asking because I was little and wanted reassurance that the boogeyman didn't really exist?

'Member how instead of getting that reassurance, my Dad drew me a realistic portrait of the boogeyman?  Unfortunately for me, he has a reasonable amount of artistic talent, and sketched a picture of a thin-faced man wearing an ivy cap, with hooded brows over mean eyes, hollow cheeks, thin lips gathered in a scowl, and a long chin. 

I then knew exactly what was lurking outside my window just beyond my range of vision, who was hiding in the recesses of my closet, the person that was cloaked in darkness under my bed.

I have no idea whatever happened to that drawing-  not that I need it.  That image is forever burned into my long-term memory.

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