Friday, May 27, 2011


The thing about having three small children in your house is that they tend to change very quickly.  Caedmon started crawling a few weeks ago, and is getting faster every day.  One of the boys' new favorite games involves Atticus crawling quickly away from his brother yelling, "Chase me, Caedmon, chase me!"  Caedmon smiles and plods along while Atticus laughs hysterically and races away.

A few days ago, Caedmon pulled up for the first time.  He was desperate to see just what Adelaide was doing in the bathtub.  The next day, we were upstairs and I lost track of the little guy.  I walked into the bathroom to see this:

No big sister or even water in the tub this time, apparently he just likes to look in there and jabber away at nobody.

I'm not sure what he's smiling at.  My children often smile at nobody and talk to themselves. 

They're like their mama that way.

Let's see, what else is new around here?

Atticus hasn't quite stopped stuttering, but it has diminished quite a bit.  Had I mentioned he's been stuttering for the past few weeks?  I was trying (and often failing) not to freak out over it, especially after I read that it's normal for two-year-old boys to stutter, and that it's usually temporary.  And by temporary, I mean it only lasts anywhere from a few weeks to a few years.  This same medical source also stated that with mild stuttering, children often don't even notice they're doing it.  Our boy's obviously wasn't so mild; several times a day we'd hear, "W-w-w-w-w-w-w-w-w-w-- I can't say it!"  He was so frustrated.  From what we had read, you're not supposed to focus on or make a big deal out of it, not finish sentences for the them, and set aside time each day to talk with your child.  I don't know if it had anything to do with our actions or was just a phase that has almost run it's course, but thankfully, we only hear him stammering a couple times a day now, and it seems pretty mild. 

By the bye, have any of you seen The King's Speech?  Derek and I watched it shortly before Atticus started stuttering.  I keep telling myself there is no connection.

Adelaide graduated from preschool this week.

"But don't take away my alligator pie!"

You had to be there.

She's already missing school, as are the rest of us.  She's excited about going to Kindergarten in the fall, but apprehensive about riding the bus.  I'm not sure what to do to alleviate her fears.  Call the bus barn and ask to tour the bus?  Advice, anyone?

We've also been thinking about all the folks in and around Joplin.  Please continue to keep them in your prayers and they try to recover, rebuild, and find a new normal after the devastating tornado.

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