Friday, June 24, 2011

We Love Michael Buble

And I don't care who knows it.

I also don't care that this probably puts us firmly in the category labeled "squares." 

I further don't care that the very fact that I use the term "squares" means I'm a double-square. (Ooohhh, man, I'm a square squared.  Get it?  Square to the power of two?  Anyone?  Anyone?)

Just about seven years ago, shortly after moving to Connecticut, I discovered the music of Michael Buble.  I shared this discovery with Derek, and he liked it, too.  This was a good thing because we don't always have the same musical taste.  Aside from his talent, I like the music of Buble because it exposes a new audience to a variety of artists.  In the space of a few albums he has covered everyone from Van Morrison to the Carpenters to Elvis Presley to Ray Charles.  This, to my mind, is a good thing.  Plus it makes me want to go and listen to the originals, which is also a good thing.  Lots of goodness here, people. 

Our first MB concert was in Connecticut, and while I had enjoyed his albums, I wasn't really looking forward to the live experience.  I just assumed it was going to be a kind of lounge act where some Canadian dude crooned a bunch of standards.  I was wrong.  He is a marvelous entertainer, one both Derek and I enjoyed, and seriously funny.  No polite smiles or awkward fake laughter needed.

Since then, we've wanted to see him live again, and we got the chance last night.  Along with some dear friends (and thanks to Derek's mom who watched the little darlin's for us), we went to see Buble perform in Des Moines, and he was just as good as we remembered.  His set, lights, etc, were all a bit bigger than they had been the first time we saw him, but then, he's moved up in the world.  We had floor seats toward the back (which means short little me watched him on the giant screens for much of the time), until he made his way back to a smaller stage right by us and performed a few songs there.  It was fun to watch him sing up close.  He was impressive.  And sweaty.  I guess that's what you get for wearing a full suit under blazing-hot lights with lots and lots of hopeful women pressing in to get as close to you as possible.  Like they had a chance- his wife was in a little crow's nest right there next to us.  She was blonde and pretty, and did a pretty good job of acting not-bored despite the fact that I'm guessing that's the bazillionth time she's seen that particular show. 

Our friends who went with us- Buble neophytes- also enjoyed the show.  I think I speak for everyone when I say we can't wait to go see him again.

Even if it does mean we're squares.

Note:  Yet again I can't figure out how to add an accent over letters, and it is driving me CRAZY.  Buble is supposed to have an accent over the 'e'.  (Say: Boob- Lay)  If you are more tech-savvy than I am (and it doesn't take much), please help me.  Today. 


  1. Yeah, my special, let's-make-this-more-difficult-than-necessary way of getting an accent over letters is to Google the word then copy and paste it. "Bublé"

    Magic... (I whispered that.)

  2. ooo, I love Michael Buble' And you got to see him in concert!!! i would love to see him in concert. one of my young paras introduced me to his music . YOu are not a sqaure! you just have good taste.


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