Saturday, July 30, 2011

Bandshell Thursdays

Throughout the summer on Thursday evenings, the Ames Municipal Band performs live concerts at Bandshell Park.  Channel 12 records and airs these concerts, which means Derek is always there at the park for the duration of the show.  For various reasons, the kids and I have not made it in to any of the concerts this summer.  Last night was the last concert of the season, so I rounded the kiddos up and we made the trip into town to play at the park and listen to some live music. 

The older two had a grand time playing on the playground equipment.

They played on the alligator-crocodile-dragon-thing.

They traveled through wormholes.  At least, that's what this cylinder always makes me think of.  Because all wormholes are made of energy and green metal mesh.

They rode on the green reptile again.

They helped Daddy set up his equipment and tell his interns what to do.

As is so often the case, I'm left wondering:  Why didn't we do this more often?

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