Thursday, July 28, 2011

Home Again, Home Again

One of the first things I checked upon returning home was the state of the garden.  There were a lot of weeds, a few small zucchini, and one monster zucchini.

The baby boo pumpkins are coming along nicely, too, despite (or perhaps because?) growing outside the garden fence.

We also have this giant beanstalk that we're going to try climbing any day now.

Adelaide started growing it in a little container during the last few weeks of preschool, then brought it home so that we could plant it. 

Did I say beanstalk?  I meant sunflower.  It's a giant sunflower. 

We were also greeted by drifts of black-eyed-Susans, hibiscus, and some new lilies.  Adelaide has been roaming the yard, exclaiming and letting me know exactly which flowers had the audacity to bloom in her absence. 

In spite of all these beautiful offerings of summer, I find myself looking forward to the day our mums start blooming, because it will mean fall is close and cooler temperatures are here. 

Ask me if I feel the same way around mid-January.

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