Monday, July 11, 2011

Last Night

Atticus and Adelaide.  Our backyard.  Around 10 this morning.

"Awww," you're saying.  "There's Adelaide and Atticus, playing in the summer sunshine.  But wait- what's that over their heads?"

Oh, that? 

That is a tree.  Well, half of a tree.

We had some severe storms around here last night.  Right around 3 am, heavy winds, loud thunder, continuous lightning, and rain blew into town.  Shortly thereafter, we lost power.  The cessation of fans in our un-air-conditioned house, coupled with all the noise from the skies made Caedmon conclude that he was done sleeping.  Which meant I was done sleeping.  To escape the sticky humidity inside the house, Caedmon and I went out onto the front porch, which was actually cooler than inside, and reasonably well protected from the rain.  Thanks to all the lightning we were able to see that several trees in our neighborhood had already sustained damage, and multiple neighbors were shining flashlights around their yards from the safety of  porches and garages.  We were actually quite fortunate;  two houses down from us, a large part of a mature tree splintered off onto the roof of a house, creating a hole and all kinds of damage.  Reports from people walking around trickled in all day:  Most of the town was without power, one family had damage to both their roof and their van due to falling limbs, and tree damage, tree damage, tree damage. 

The power finally came back on at 3 pm.  We rejoiced, turned the fans back on, and made smoothies to help cool off. 

At 6:30 pm, just as I was writing the above sentence, 'Shortly thereafter, we lost power,' we lost our power again.  Oh, the irony.  It was restored at around 9 pm. 

Derek came home from work with a borrowed chainsaw and got right to work, dismantling the tree and doing other heavy duty stuff that make me say I'm glad I'm the woman in this relationship and I don't care if that makes me a walking affront to feminism.  After awhile one of his coworkers came over and joined in on the fun, for which we were thankful. 

After several hours outside, Derek had conquered the tree, throwing the smaller branches over the fence by the side of the road for the city to chip, and cutting the trunk up for firewood.  Again, glad I'm the female.

Let's all pray for a less eventful night.

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