Saturday, July 23, 2011

Lucky Number 7

One of the interesting things about marriage is that every year, you learn more about your spouse.  That first year is nothing but learning. 

It was Fall.  Derek's favorite season.  The year was 2004.  The year we got married.  We were living in an apartment in Connecticut, and the Minnesota Vikings were playing that day.  Derek had settled into the living room to watch the game, and I was in the kitchen, preparing some food to sneak back into the bedroom, where I would be camped out during the duration of the game with a snack and a book.  As I was tip-toeing through the side of the living room, careful not to get in between my new husband and the television, Derek waved a frantic hand in my direction, keeping his eyes glued to the tv, and said, "SHHHH!  Too much movement in my peripheral vision!" 

Thus, one of my lessons that first year was that Derek's enthusiasm for the purple and gold is really more of an obsession.

Another time that year, the two of us were preparing to leave that same apartment when he decided he wanted to take along a can of pop.  He went to the fridge, got it out, then turned toward me and did something truly shocking:  he threw it right at me. 

I did my best to move out of harm's way, threw my hands in front of my face, closed my eyes, and squealed, "What are you doing?"

Derek looked baffled and replied, "Throwing you a can of pop.  What are you doing?"

Thus, Derek learned that throwing things to me is always the same as throwing things at me, in that I will have a stereotypically girlish reaction and often hurt myself in the process.

So today, as we celebrate 7 years of marriage, I'm reflecting on what I've learned about Derek this year.  I think what stands out more than anything is that he doesn't exaggerate much.  Throughout our marriage, as he has related different anecdotes and stories, there have often been times that I have absently assumed he was exaggerating a bit about this or that.  Over the past year, however, I myself have witnessed many different places, people, and situations that he has told me about in the past, and realized that he wasn't stretching the truth at all.  That food really is delicious, that person really is a little bit crazy, and Iowa really is a great place to live. 

I'm not sure why it's taken me seven years to figure this out.  I may be a fast learner in some ways, but in others I am still ponderously slow. 

Happy Anniversay, Derek!

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  1. I'm praying that Grant finds out that I am not exaggerating either when I say that Iowa is a great place to live...


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