Thursday, July 14, 2011


Good Housekeeping magazine regularly features these charts on how to do various good housekeeping-type things.  They divide it into two main columns:  the "Good Housekeeping Way" and the "Good Enough Way."  You can learn how to starch and iron your shirts to the absolute limit of perfection (that would be the Good Housekeeping Way), or how to starch and iron your shirts just well enough to get by (the Good Enough Way).  They do this for all kinds of things:  cleaning out your fridge, sewing a button on a jacket, making pot roast, butchering and cleaning an impala.  You get the idea. 

For about the past month, most days I've been making smoothies (that's "smoovies" in Atticus-speak).  I usually make them as part of our lunch, because they help cool us off and keep the two A's and me full for most of the afternoon.  I love them because they're easy, healthy, and tasty, but Beware:  my method for making smoothies is definitely a Good Enough Way. 

To make about two and a half smoothies- that's a full one each for Atticus and me, half of one for Adelaide (the boy eats a lot), put around a cup of low- or fat-free vanilla yogurt, about two cups of frozen fruit, and about a cup of skim milk all into a blender, smoothie machine, or other food-obliterating device.  Mix well.  Pour and enjoy.  And if you hadn't already noticed, all ingredient quantities are vaguely approximate, because I'm more of a dump-random-amounts-in kind of cook.

If I'm feeling really crazy I'll add a fistful or two of fresh spinach.  This works especially well with a fruit like strawberries, which have a strong enough flavor to mask the taste of the spinach.  It's really quite good.  Adelaide's favorite is Strawberry, mine is either Pineapple or Strawberry, and I believe Derek's is Strawberry-Banana.  Atticus likes them all.

Now, if you're more of a Good Housekeeping Way kind of person, I would invite you to check out Paige's post on smoothies.  Be prepared to make your own yogurt and add things like cod liver oil.  Definitely healthier than my way.

Funnily enough, this seems to be the only picture I have of one of our kids drinking a smoothie, and it just so happens to be Atticus drinking the failed combination of orange and spinach.  I think he drank a couple pints of this stuff; no one else liked it, so he just went around and finished off everyone else's servings. 

Another warning:  if you make these and expect them to taste like restaurant-style smoothies, which are often just milk shakes masquerading as smoothies, you will be disappointed.  They are sweet in a fruit-and-yogurt kind of way, but not in a teaspoon-of-fruit-and-half-gallon-of-ice-cream kind of way. 

Don't make orange-spinach smoothies.  Do make pineapple, Good Housekeeping Way or not.

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