Monday, August 29, 2011

Fair Food

When we go to the Iowa State Fair, we go to see the sights:  the enormous hogs, steers, and draft horses, not to mention beasts of butter.  We go to wander the various buildings, collecting free samples of stuff and checking out the the projects made by 4-H'ers and regular folk.  Someday, when our three wee ones are old enough to sit still outside of a stroller for more than two minutes at a time, we'll get to watch the talent shows and performances and exhibitions that go on throughout the fair.

But mostly?  We go to eat. 

This may not be the case for other families.  I, however, married a man who seems to consider it a personal affront to his masculinity not to eat two to three servings at most meals, and who regards The Fair as his own personal smorgasboard. 

So what did we enjoy at The Fair?  (Because I know you're dying to know.)

My favorite, caramel apples.

Adelaide obviously likes them, too, but she'll only eat about half of hers, and since I'm bad about sharing food I love and insist on one of my own, I get her other half, so I get mine plus some of hers.

Again, because I know you care about this kind of stuff.

Here we all are (minus me, the picture-taker) eating cheese curds, which sound disgusting but taste delicious.

Cheese curds are like Sonic's cheddar bites without the breading.  And somehow a bit tastier. 

If you've never had a cheddar bite, then I'm going to assume you don't live within a 100-mile radius of a Sonic Drive-In, in which case I feel deeply and pathetically sorry for you, and will say an extra prayer for you tonight.

Moving on.

We also had Iowa sweet corn...

... porkchops on a stick, pineapple whip, chocolate chip cookies, barbeque ribs, walking tacos, barbeque nachos, pulled pork sandwiches, yogurt, ice cream, cheddarwurst- corn dog, funnel cake, onion strings, french fries, and much, much more.

Please keep in mind that all this food consumption was spread across seven people.  Never mind that two of them were ages five and two and another doesn't have teeth yet.  That still adds up to seven people. 

Anyone else hungry?  


  1. we're all about fair food. cheese curds and strawberry smoothies take blue ribbon at our house. but my sister had this thing this year that was a deep-fried cajun chicken kabob thing that looked awesome, and if i didn't have dietary issues i SO would've tried the fried butter on a stick. it looked awesome.

  2. yes - you have made me very hungry and very "homesick" for Iowa...


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