Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Any Day Now

We enjoy so many beautiful flowers here in the spring and summer. 

June brings pink peonies...

...Drifts of yellow and purple irises...

...Pink, red, and white roses.

July and August supply lilies of many colors.

Not to mention all the flowers I didn't bother taking pictures of.  We don't have a whole lot of color left in our yard at this point, aside from some particularly stubborn hibiscus and black-eyed susans.  What we do have, however, have been drawing in all kinds of visitors.  Our front and back yards are covered in hostas, and the giant varieties in the backyard have attracted several hummingbirds.  Adelaide also makes it a point to check out the live-forevers, because in addition to being covered in bees, they can usually be relied upon to draw in droves of monarch butterflies. 

The flower that I look forward to all summer, however, isn't blooming yet.  Actually, everyone else's seem to be flowering, but ours appears to be, well, a late bloomer.  They're getting really close, though, see?

Yup. Simple, humble mums.  I'm not sure why they're my favorite; maybe it's because I have to wait and watch them slowly grow over the summer and into fall before they finally produce their flowers- delayed gratification.  Or maybe it's because I bought these in one of those small plastic containers for two dollars at Wal-Mart, and they've grown to at least ten times the size they were when I first planted them two years ago.  Or maybe I just think they're pretty.

Whatever the reason, I've been going out onto the front porch every day for two weeks, looking down over the rail and hoping to be greeted by a mass of purple flowers.  I've been disappointed for fifteen days straight.

But who knows what tomorrow may bring?

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