Friday, September 9, 2011

Dear Diary...

Most days, after we have reunited with Adelaide at the school bus stop, the kiddos and I go to a small park near our house.  They run around, expending excess energy for awhile, then I herd them back home. 

At this point, Adelaide usually settles down at the desk in our kitchen and writes intently in a small notebook.  It is not unusual to see her coloring and writing short notes to various family members.

A few days ago, however, while cleaning house, I stumbled upon this notebook.  So far, she has managed to fill two pages with cramped, nospacesinbetweeneachword five year old handwriting. 

It appears to be a journal of sorts.  I feel no compunction about sharing it with you; it's content is not personal in nature (and I checked with Adelaide first). 

Here is a sample of what it says:



It kind of reminds me of some of the stuff my classmates would write in our college lit classes:  a random smattering of inarticulate syllables dashed on the page that they had the audacity to call "poetry."  Poets are weird. 

Anyway, like a lot of poetry, maybe you didn't understand what all Adelaide has been "dooing" at Kindergarten.  Allow me to translate.

What I Am Doing

This year at Kindergarten
We practiced our Y's:  YYY
1234 And we practiced
Our 1's:  1111.  I can count
to 100, and we learned how to sing
Until we got to drao (?).
And we learned
How to write the
Number 22, and
We learned how
To write the number
3, and we learned how to count
a lot.

It seems to be a record of what she learned that day at school; I didn't notice until yesterday that she was pulling all the papers out of her backpack, bringing them to the desk, and shuffling through them, reviewing the day's content to record in her little journal.  She never asks me for help in spelling anything anymore.  She seems to be content to phonetically spell her entries for now. 

I'm not sure what compels her to review and record the school day's lessons.  Maybe she's writing it down for posterity; she is, after all, in Kindergarten now, and may be beginning to feel how brief and fleeting our mortal lives are. 

Or perhaps she just likes writing in a notebook with Cinderella and Sleeping Beauty on the cover, along with the title "Sparkle Party!"

Really, it could be either one.


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