Friday, September 23, 2011

Think Again

It's been a busy birthday week here at the Crislers.

Oh, did you think that those two measly pictures I posted on Wednesday were going to be it?  I know what you were thinking:  What, only two pictures for Caedmon's birthday?  When Adelaide turned five I was subjected to no less than one entire week's worth of photos of her!  Thank heaven for busy moms and their poor, neglected third children!

Well, you were wrong, suckers.  I've been shoving that camera in Spudley's face all week, and you're about to reap the... benefits.  We'll go with benefits.

Although he just turned one two days ago, about a week ago, Derek cut his hair for the first time.  To me, it was like he went from baby to little kid in ten short minutes.

Baby being super-helpful to his Daddy...

... coy, bashful little man.

Last weekend, he had one set of grandparents come up to help him celebrate.  We had chocolate cupcakes with a peanut butter-pudding-cool whip frosting that received mixed reviews.

Caedmon liked them.

He concentrated really hard on opening his presents.

He's really enjoyed pushing his new trike/big wheel around the house...

... and Atticus has been only too happy to help break it in by riding it to and from the school bus stop twice a day.

Tuesday some of his great-grandparents drove up, and we all went to Hickory Park to celebrate.  Atticus led the way.

He couldn't wait to see Caedmon perform his amazing fire-eating routine.

It's been an exciting, busy week.

We're looking forward to doing it again in a couple weeks for Atticus's birthday.

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