Monday, October 24, 2011

Button Pusher

Yesterday morning, our family attended church, as we do every other Sunday.  The service was so good- great worship time, a thoughtful, moving message, friendly people.  When it was over, I caught up to a friend of mine as we made our way to the children's area.  We chatted, walking to the Kindergarten room where both our girls awaited.  Upon arriving at their classroom, her daughter exited the room first, and immediately displayed a small stone with the name "Isaiah" written on it.  Isaiah is her younger brother's name, and she explained that on the stones they had written the name of a person that really "pushes our buttons and bothers us."  Seems logical enough; that's what little brothers are for, right?

Adelaide came out a few seconds later, saying that today in class they had talked about self control.  She also used the phrase "pushes our buttons," and showed me her stone.

Guess what it said?

That's right.  She wrote my name, her own Mommy Dearest.  Apparently I'm quite the button pusher.

Derek and I shared a good laugh when I related to him what had happened.  I think he laughed a little harder than I did, though.  After all, it wasn't his name written on a rock.


  1. hehehe That made me laugh. Just wait until she's in middle school. Enjoy those kiddos of yours. they grow up way too fast.

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