Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Sunday Afternoon

Last Sunday was beautiful here.  The high temp for the day was in the 60's, unseasonably warm. 

Caedmon and I went out back to enjoy what was probably one of our last warm days of the year.  He headed straight for the plastic golf club lying the grass, and really seemed to revel in the fact that for once, he didn't have to share it with anybody.

He talked to it.

They rolled around in the grass together.

Then he abandoned it when he caught sight of me with that camera that he's not allowed to touch.

He showed off a bit for the camera:  First his tongue...

...Then his tongue and his dimple.

About that time, the sound of Derek yelling at the Vikings game drifted out the back door to us.  Caedmon said, "HEY!  My favorite person is here and I'm not right next to him!"  and raced for the deck.

Actually what he did was yell, "DA-DA!", but he's pretty good at packing a lot of meaning into two syllables. 

I was left abandoned in the backyard, trying to figure out what I could do to push Adelaide's buttons today...

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