Thursday, October 6, 2011


Lately, our kiddos seem to have been progressing and maturing at warp speed.  I think it's about time for another update.

Adelaide is still enjoying school.  She does not like getting up early in the morning, but then, neither do I.  Besides, I'm an old pro at handling homicidal grumps first thing in the morning.  At least Adelaide has never tried to stab me with her toothbrush or screamed incoherent rants in my direction before school like my sister used to.  Thanks for the perspective, Kelli!

Our daughter is also very industrious- but in odd ways.  She'll sit down at the desk when we get home in the afternoons, lay paper and crayons out in front of her, and color for 30-45 minutes at a stretch.  Or she'll go out back to this little patch of dirt, bowl and trowel in hand, and move dirt back and forth from the ground to the container.  She's usually talking to herself while she does it (or telling Atticus precisely what needs to be done), engaged in some sort of imaginary game.  Except it's not a game to her.  Whether coloring, scooping dirt, or moving leaves around the backyard, she seems to set mental deadlines for herself, and when I interrupt her chosen task to get her to put the clean silverware away or set the table, she moans and mutters about how much work she still has to get done and how she's going to run out of time before she finishes everything she needs to do. 

Here she is, all flushed and sweaty after picking beans back in August.

Atticus is becoming more verbal and independent.  He seems very interested in the time, and asks periodically throughout the day, "What time it is?"  When we get back from walking Adelaide to the bus stop, he always asks, "What seven is it?" because he seems to know it's always 7:34 or 7:41 or sometime in the seven o'clock hour when we return home. 

He also likes to tell us that he likes us- but he loves food and toys.  He frequently approaches another member of the family, and says, "I like you, Dad," or "I like you, Adelaidey."  (That's what we often call Adelaide around the house, pronounced A-duh-way-dee by Atticus.  He even calls her that when he's mad at her:  "BAD Adelaidey!  Don't do that to me, Adelaidey!")  Then he turns right around and emphatically states, "I wuv Cheerios!" or "I wuv dis book!"  We'll get it all turned around eventually. 

I think his favorite thing to do at this point is play outside, preferably with Derek.  He loves to play golf in the backyard, play frisbee, soccer, whatever, as long as it involves his Daddy.  His birthday is this weekend, and when asked where he wanted to go for his birthday, his reply was, "Hickory Park, the Bandshell, and golfing with Daddy."  That's a restaurant, a park/playground, and... golfing with Daddy. 

And here's Atticus with Grandpa Von Soosten at Hickory Park.

Caedmon is becoming more interactive and destructive.  His favorite places to play are the kitchen trash can and the toilets in the bathroom.  His favorite things to play with, aside from the aforementioned, are cabinets, drawers, and whatever else he can open and empty.  He's saying Mmma-ma-ma and Da-da-da-da, and will sometimes repeat a garbled version of "Please."  More than anything, he says, "Yeah."  Ask him just about any question, and his response will be, "Yeah."  "Hey, Caedmon, do you want to go outside?"  "Yeah."  "Do you want some more to eat?"  "Yeah."  "Do you want to juggle these steak knives?"  "Yeah." 

He's still not walking without our assistance, but neither of our older two walked until about thirteen months, either.  Less work for me!  He finally has some teeth- all four front ones have been coming in over the past few weeks.  He's handling teething okay; he's a little fussy, and clingier than usual, but he's been sleeping really well at night and naptime, so I feel like I can't complain.  He eats like a champ, especially any kind of meat.  Anytime he's been apart from Derek, he lets out a shriek of joy when he spots his missing father, and does kind of a whole-body wiggle before either launching himself out of my arms or crawling as fast as he can to Daddy's feet.  He also loves music, especially anything with a strong beat.  His current version of dancing is to ball his fists and shake his arms up and down when he's really feeling the music.

Here's Caedmon showing Daddy how he can dance on his birthday.

I guess change can be a good thing.

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