Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Warning: Do Not Operate Heavy Machinery or Make Parenting Decisions While Sick

Our household has been suffering from a little bug.

Meaning we've been sick.

Not really sick, just severe headache- gallons of snot production- fever- queasy stomach- kind of sick.  Well enough to be able to go about our normal routines, but not well enough to feel good while doing it.

Several days ago, Adelaide brought home a paper from school informing us that the 100th day of school is approaching.  They will be celebrating this day a number of ways, one of which includes having each student in her class bring 100 of some small item to show the class on their Show and Share day (which is what they now call Show and Tell).  The teacher provided a few helpful suggestions, all of which Adelaide immediately discarded.  She had a few suggestions herself, like 100 doorknobs and 100 carrots, both of which I shot down.

The next day, my feverish brain was still trying to think of 100 something's for her to bring on Friday.  I cast my eyes around the room, searching for inspiration, when they settled on the ibuprofin bottle.


100 ibuprofin tablets!  Now there's something I bet no one else in her class will bring this week.  I genuinely believed this to be a brilliant idea for about five whole minutes, before common sense trickled through the illness that has been making me so stupid.  Maybe taking 100 ibuprofin tablets to a Kindergarten class wouldn't be such a good idea.  In fact, maybe it's one of the worst/most dangerous ideas I've ever had (recently, anyway).

Rest assured Adelaide will not be taking any sort of medication to Show and Share this week.  I still don't know what she's taking, but it will not involve any sort of chemical.

In addition to stupid, this sickness has been making me feel a trifle out of sorts and filled with a general sense of malaise (read: cranky and lazy).

We had a little over an inch of snow fall the night before last.  Now, I'm usually really good about shoveling the sidewalk, especially when there's so little actual snow on it.  I really should have gotten myself out there yesterday afternoon and shoveled while it was still relatively fresh.

But you know what?  I just didn't feel like it.

Instead I let it sit there, while the temperature dropped down to 6 last night and froze everything outside.

I still didn't feel like shoveling today, but I also didn't want to risk being fined by the city for not shoveling within the allotted 24-hour period, so hauled myself out the door, snow shovel in hand.

I quickly discovered that there was still a thin top layer of snow that I was able to scoop off easily, but the layer underneath had melted a bit yesterday (it got above freezing!  yippee!), then refrozen last night.

I spent a couple minutes hacking at a single square foot before I got frustrated and yelled, "This is CRAP!"

And startled the nice, older gentleman that lives down the street who was out walking his little dog.

To make a long story short, this is not really a good week to be my neighbor, child, child's classmate, child's teacher, etc.

Sorry about that. (And the slick sidewalk that I quickly gave up on.  Please don't walk by our house any time soon.)


  1. What about 100 cheerios, buttons, pop tabs, bottle caps, pictures of cows, pictures of tractors, skittles, frozen fruit (that one could get messy quickly), edible chips, poker chips, a hundred different kids of dogs, or maybe 100 marshmallows? Clinton had to do this project in school, and these are the ones that I either remember hearing Jeryl talk about or after 5 minutes of thinking coming up with. Hope this extremely long list is semi-helpful?

  2. Go to the dollar store, buy 100 latex free bandaids or 100 disinfectant towelettes. The teacher can use either the rest of the year, and you will be her favorite parent. Glad you decided not to send 100 ibuprofen; you might have gotten a little phone call from the school nurse......

  3. Or a box of 100 kleenex. If you've have snot at your house, multiply that times the number of students in Adelaide's classroom.

  4. Hey, I wasn't expecting to get suggestions- those are helpful! Thanks, Mom and Steph.

    And Becky, I'm glad the link worked. I'm sure I won't be sorry. Pretty sure.


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