Tuesday, February 14, 2012

He Likes It! Hey, Mikey!

I mean, Caedmon.

You know what I love?  Those one-piece snowsuits that virtually incapacitate small children, à la Randy in A Christmas Story.

Caedmon loves them, too.

See?  It's fun.  He can see how much Mommy is laughing.  That must mean this is fun.

Then we go outside.  "Hey kids, how about a ride on the sled?"

Isn't this fun, Caedmon?

Well, don't worry; Adelaide will help you!

Caedmon is really enjoying himself.

The snowsuit proves to be too strong even for Adelaide, however, and she soon gives up, leaving Caedmon high and dry.  Or flat and stuck, in this case.

Meanwhile, Mommy is still laughing and having trouble holding the camera still.

"Good job, Caedmon!  It took you a good five minutes to roll over, but you did it!  What's that?  You need help standing up?  I'm afraid I can't help you, Spudley; this seems like a good opportunity for a character- and independence- building exercise.  Plus Mommy's laughing too hard to help you right now."  

"Gee, Caedmon, your laugh sounds an awful lot like a cry.  Aren't we having fun?"

Is it any wonder Daddy is his favorite?


  1. Kevin ended up being sick the one day he could have played in the snow! I was expecting the same thing from him! I was a little disappointed.

    1. Aww. Well, maybe you guys will get more snow down there... someday...


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