Thursday, February 9, 2012

This May Be a Little Unfair

In general, when someone we know says something to us, we believe them.

"I'm tired."  "I'm hungry."  "These pants are too small."  "I miss him."

All easily believable statements.

With the exception of that last one.

While I don't want to say I won't believe you when you tell me you're missing someone, from now on, I will be running through a specific checklist in my mind, just to see how much you really miss them.

  • Do you whimper when that person leaves the house, then stare forlornly out the window as they back their car down the driveway and away from you?
  • When you're going to bed at night and they're absent, do you whisper their name in the dark over and over again?
  • When you're upset for pretty much any reason, will a simple embrace from that person instantly stop your tears and quiet your anxiety?
  • When that person is gone, do you drag a bunch of their dirty clothes from the laundry basket, make a nest with them on the floor, then curl up inside said nest and suck your fingers?
If you do all things, then fair enough:  I believe you.  You really do miss that person.

If you don't, then I may or may not question just how much you actually miss him or her; although, to be fair, I don't know if anyone could possibly miss another human being as much as Caedmon misses his Daddy throughout the course of every single day.  

Poor Caedmon has set the "miss you" bar stratospherically high; I mean really, have you ever cuddled up to a pile of dirty clothes?


  1. Awwwww, daddy's boys are so sweet! (but dirty laundry?? ewwwww. . .)

    1. Fortunately, it's usually sweaters, which really don't get that gross. It makes me want to laugh and cry all at the same time when I see him snuggled up to Derek's clothes.


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