Monday, March 26, 2012

Driving Miss Adelaide

You know how sometimes you meet a kid who seems to be in a hurry to grow up, prompting you to say something along the lines of, "That Suzy Sue. She's eight going on 30!"

There are times I feel that way about Adelaide; but rather eight going on 30, she's more on the five-going-on-87 track.

Last week, Adelaide participated in a dance clinic offered through her school.  It consisted of a few hours worth of practice one day after school, where they learned a simple routine, followed by a performance the next evening.

The performance turned out to be a part of our local high school dance team's Spring Show; so in addition to watching Adelaide wiggle around the high school gym for two minutes, we got to see local teenagers wiggle around for an hour and a half, too.  As per the instructions we received, our daughter sat with the other Kindergartners, which meant I was able to enjoy the show without being bombarded with questions and comments throughout our entire evening out.

Immediately after the show ended, she and I reunited.  It's possible I wouldn't have noticed how old lady-like she sounded, had it not been for all the other elementary school children around us.

The first difference I noticed was that all those other kiddos were running and jumping and excited.  Adelaide was dragging her feet and struggling to keep up with me.

Then I started to hear the chatter:  "Hey, Mom, Mom, Mom, Mom, Mom!  What time is it?  Is it past my bedtime?  It is?  Yesssss!   Can I stay up even later, Mom?  Can I play right now?  I'm hungry!  Can I have a snack?  Hey, look, Mom!  ROCKS!  Can I go climb on them?  Pleasepleaseplease?"

Variations of this monologue abounded, except from Adelaide.

"Mommy, what time is it?  8:30?  Are you kidding me?  That's way too late!  I should have been in bed hours ago.  I'm going to be exhausted tomorrow morning.  Why did we ever do this?  I'm not going to be getting any sleep tonight, am I?"

She ran on this tangent for awhile before bitterly concluding, "This was a terrible idea."

She's five years old, worries about getting enough sleep and enough protein and fiber in her diet.  She loves prune juice and doesn't tolerate extreme cold or heat well.

Does that mean when she turns six she'll start saying things like, "Back in my day..."?

Because I think I'd be okay with that.


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    1. Btw, yes, you do have word verification, but I am embarrassed to realize I might have had it too! I wonder if blogger changed the setting with their recent update. . .

    2. Okay, let me go ahead and test my nonexistent techie skills to see if I can fix it.

  2. I feel confident enough that you won't use the following statement against me at a future point in time. I just laughed so hard that I snorted.

    1. Anna, Anna, Anna. I make no promises.

  3. Oh I can just hear her! She always makes me laugh! BTW, it's been brought to my attention the girls are having tea wed after school, Adi's bringing dessert and Adelaide will serve the "main course" :)

    1. I'm so glad you're here to let me know about my daughter's social plans. I do, of course, know what she had to eat at school yesterday, but that's about it.


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