Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Slow Motion

I often feel bad for Caedmon.

He gets beat up a lot.  Not necessarily on purpose- his older siblings seem to view him as yet another piece of furniture, to be stepped on, crawled over, or knocked aside as they run past.

Atticus is by far the worst offender; I'm not sure whether this is due to his Y chromosome, the fact that he's three, or if he's just kind of rough.

Caedmon and Adelaide play very well together.  She's usually pretty gentle and patient with him, and still seems to find him to be exceptionally cute rather than exceptionally annoying.  But she's still only five years old, and has a lot to learn about how to handle a toddler.

He's obviously smiling and enjoying himself, despite having his shirt and jacket pulled up to expose his belly. I'd be snarling and scratching at my captor if someone tried that with me.  Compared to the kind of treatment he usually receives, however, this is bliss.

It has also resulted in an unusually tough kid.  When he fell down a step and landed flat on his face on the industrial carpet at the library this morning, he came up laughing- a far cry from how his older siblings would have reacted.

I suppose there is a positive side to all this abuse.

(Pssst... If you click on the first photo, it will bring you to a larger, slideshow format.  You can then use the right arrow button on your keyboard to scroll quickly through the pictures and watch as Adelaide and Caedmon slide down.)

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