Friday, March 23, 2012

Things You Need to Know About Charlotte

Three weeks ago, my middle sister and her husband welcomed their new baby girl into the world.

Her name is Charlotte, and she is the cutest little love muffin you've ever seen.

She also makes me spontaneously erupt into baby talk that is gratingly irritating, even to my own ears.

Because I think more of the world needs to know about her, here are some fun facts about Miss Charlotte:

What she looks like:

She has a lot of hair.  I forgot to measure while I was there (I was too busy gazing into her already-turning-brown eyes), but it looks pretty long to me.

She has a cleft chin.  If you ever meet her in person, good luck not touching it.  It begs to be touched.

She's ridiculously tiny and cute.

What Charlotte does with her time:

She likes sleeping.

And having her hair washed.

And sleeping.

And having her hair brushed.

And sleeping.

And staring at her mama's face.

And laying on her daddy.

And sleeping.

By the bye, when this photo was snapped, my sister here was only two weeks post-baby.  Way to go, Kelli.

The only bad part of this trip to see our new baby niece was the confrontation of a startling fact:

This guy, our sweet Caedmon, is no longer a baby.  I now keep expecting him to ask for the keys to the car or tell me he's moving out.

I'm trying not to let it bother me.

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