Tuesday, June 5, 2012


As I've mentioned before, I like to go for walks most evenings.  Sometimes a friend or two will tag along, but most of the time I'm walking alone.

One of my favorite places to walk is the nearby Heart of Iowa Trail.  I can jump on just a couple blocks from our house, and usually follow it for a couple miles before turning around and heading back home.  It's mostly shaded and almost completely solitary.  I rarely see more than one or two people while walking.

Last night, at about eight o'clock, I was on the trail, nearing the end of my walk.  I had just crested a small hill and was about to cross a street that intersects the part of the trail that goes through town.  And that's when I saw it:  fog.

It feels like lately I've been reading all kind of things about the need for spontaneity and living in the moment and carpe diem, and while I usually chalk all that up to a bunch of hippie crap, I decided maybe I should try to do small amounts of that kind of thing.  See, I'm really not at all spontaneous, and I tend to majorly stress out when plans are changed at the last minute.  Basically I'm the funnest person you've ever met.  Also, I use words like 'funnest.'

So when the urge to speed up and run through that fog seized me, I obeyed the whim.  After all, what's more fun and frolicsome than running through a low-lying cloud?

I had just reached the deepest, most dense part of the mist, and was actually really enjoying myself, when I opened my mouth to laugh.  And realized that the fog tasted nasty.

Then my eyes started to burn.

Then my notoriously unreliable nose registered a chemical smell.

It was about that point that a I saw a truck pull around the corner, a big machine of some sort in its bed, spewing a blanket of the noxious cloud over our little town.

I had been romping through a cloud of mosquito repellant.  No wonder my lungs felt tight.

The good news is, I didn't get a single mosquito bite last night!


  1. Tee, hee--thanks for the entertainment at your expense! ;) (picturing it. . .)

    1. I wouldn't picture it, if I were you. I'm sure it wasn't pretty.

  2. bahaha. that's the funniest (and funnest?) thing ever. see?! spontaneity leads to nothing more than a mouthful of gaseous fumes. that'll learn you.

    NONtaneous moms UNITE.


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