Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Eight Years Ago... Yesterday

Eight years ago, Derek and I got married.  We had a beautiful wedding at the Marland mansion on a Friday evening.  A few dedicated family members helped set things up for the ceremony upstairs (we had the ceremony in the ballroom, and the reception in the two lounges, where they used to gather for fox hunts- because we've always been a bit backwards).

One of the popular wedding trends at the time involved placing disposable cameras on each table at the reception so that your guests could take pictures and you could have some unexpected candid shots.  We thought this was a fun idea, and went ahead and put some cameras down along with the centerpieces.

You know how no wedding day is perfect?  Something is bound to go wrong, because no matter how much precise and extensive planning you do, we live in an imperfect world, and imperfect things are bound to happen.  I knew and reminded myself of this while planning the big day, and vowed not to freak out, no matter what happened.

At this old mansion where we were married, they have tours that go through on a regular basis, along with other people who pay the price of admission but opt just to float around the property on their own timetable.  We knew this.  What we didn't know was that many of these people would feel no compunction about stealing the cameras we had set out.

When someone approached me, getting all dressed up and ready for photos, and told me what was going on, I was kind of astonished.  I'd been through the mansion lots of times.  It's not at all unusual to see people setting up for a special event while you're there; it's a popular wedding venue- beautiful surroundings with the benefit of being very reasonably priced to rent for an evening.  (And no, the Marland Estate is not compensating me for this- I'm just really enthusiastic about strange things.) It had never, ever occurred to me to try and make off with any of the wedding decorations I'd seen people putting up.  Who would?

Fortunately, my grandma offered to run out and buy a few replacement cameras, and that took care of that.

Then a friend drove the 40 minutes back to my mom's house to get the marriage license I'd forgotten.

And my sister, the maid of honor, bravely got an injection in a very uncomfortable location just so that she could make it through the day- she was incredibly sick.

Many of our guests staggered into the building soaking wet because the skies opened up and it poured right before the ceremony.  We had many of the photos taken beforehand, and it's kind of fun to look at the sky in each progressive picture as it gets darker and more ominous-looking.  Turns out there was a tornado warning, but it didn't stop anybody from showing up.  I guess that's just one of the risks that comes with getting married in Oklahoma in July.

So, yeah.  A few things went wrong.  But I have say, I handled everything really well.  That's pretty much how I operate:  I'm pretty good in a crisis, and freak out a lot in my everyday life.  (I know, I know, poor Derek, poor kiddos, poor everybody in my family.)

Yesterday, to celebrate our anniversary, Derek brought home a dozen purple and yellow roses and a lovely card, because he knows I appreciate such trappings.

I went to Wal-Mart and dropped off what I'm hoping is the last of those disposable cameras from our wedding.  You'd think after moving five times we'd have found them all, but every once in a while one will turn up.  I had to ask an employee to help me find the container where I could drop it off.  It was in a poorly lit, shameful little corner of the store.

Roses and a card... eight-year-old disposable camera.  Seems kind of uneven.  But then, Derek's used to that.

Happy Anniversary... Yesterday, Derek!

(That's right.   I couldn't even get a post written on our anniversary. That's how thoughtful I am.)


  1. I didn't know that places still developed film cameras. Most of my photos don't make it off of my computer anymore. Kind of sad and pathetic...

    We were actually looking at your wedding pictures the other day and Aria wanted to know why she and Adelaide weren't in the pictures... (not sure why she didn't find it odd that the boys and Brielle weren't there either, but there are many things I don't understand about her...)

    Happy belated anniversary!

    1. I remember having those conversations with Adelaide whilst looking at wedding photos: "But where am I? Why wasn't I invited? Didn't you and Daddy want me at your wedding?" Anyone who tries to say that children are born perfect has obviously never seen the narcissism of a two-year-old.


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