Tuesday, August 7, 2012

As Promised

Remember how, a couple weeks ago, I talked about how Atticus and Adelaide were down visiting their grandparents, and how Caedmon was the only child for a few days, and how I would soon be posting tons of photos of him?

I never did that.

So here I was, uploading photos from our camera, hunting for pictures of that week with Caedmon.  

I took exactly one.
I am a terrible mother.

There it is: the one photo I took.  Caedmon, enjoying being the sole focus of his Daddy's attention.

Because I promised more photos of C, here are couple recent ones:

Caedmon sleeping.  Because I can't resist taking photos of sleeping babies.  Sleeping toddlers.  Sleeping almost-two-year-olds.  Whatever.

Caedmon at the park.  Being cute.

{This is where more photos of Caedmon should be.  But apparently I haven't been taking pictures of my children this summer.  Again: terrible mother.}

I hereby vow to take more pictures of our kiddos.  But I'm pretty sure I've made that vow before.

More proof I'm not the world's greatest parent?  Lately Caedmon has taken to saying "Oops," every time he drops something, falls down, runs into things, etc.  

Except he doesn't pronounce it, "Oops."  He says it with a lisp:  "Oopth."

I don't know why, but his pronunciation of that word in his little Caedmon voice has the strangest effect on me.  Basically I get all fluttery and flap my hands and squeal, "That is the CUTEST THING EVER."

So lately, because I want to hear him say it more often, I've taken to not-so-subtly knocking things out of Caedmon's hands, just to hear him say, "Oopth!"

And maybe lightly pushing him into furniture.

And perhaps tripping him a time or twelve.  

Mother of the Year Award, right here!


  1. He's awfully cute, asleep or no.

    And I somehow just can't believe you push or trip him, no matter how cute his "oopth" is.

    Although I can absolutely relate to the adorable things these little guys say. Tyrell has got me TOTALLY wrapped around his little finger!

    1. I don't trip him so that he'll do a face-plant or anything. I just, you know... get in his way so that he'll stumble a bit- and then say, "Oopth!"


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