Thursday, September 20, 2012

Nothin' But Caedmon

Tomorrow is Caedmon's second birthday.  I'm really having trouble wrapping my brain around the idea of the words "Caedmon" and "two" being in the same sentence. 

In anticipation of his birthday, I thought I'd put up a bunch of pics of Caedmon over the last year; mostly things that somehow didn't make it on the blog, but I'd still like to remember.

Like how cute he was, right after his first birthday.

A few weeks later.  Still adorable.

 Playing one of the kids' favorite games, which they have entitled "Running Soccer Ball."  It's basically Derek running after them, trying to kick a bean bag-type soccer ball at them.  I'd forgotten that Caedmon used to insist Derek carry him around as he chased the older two.  You can tell it's right before bedtime here; Caedmon has his fingers in his mouth and looks half-asleep already.  It's a big wintertime game around here.

Easter Sunday.  Carrying his basket like a purse.

Easter Sunday.  Playing golf with a fly swatter and a dyed hard-boiled egg.

Easter Sunday.  Eating candy with the wrapper still on it.

Going down the slide while visiting Grandma and Papa.

You should really click to embiggen this, just to see the looks on all three of their faces.

Eating potting soil- because he's too discerning to just eat the mud in the grass.  He only ingests the stuff I buy from the store.

Sick boy.  Caught a virus that gave him a fever and a nasty rash.  That was a bad day.

Adelaide's first day of 1st grade.  On our way to the bus stop.

Same day.  Waiting for the bus.

Sitting with Adelaide at the PrairieFest parade.

Look at how you've grown, Caedmon!  I'm totally not depressed about it!  At all!


  1. Oh! So cute! I especially love the seesaw scene.

    1. I love going through past photos and finding a gem- that's one of my favorites, too.

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  3. awww, what a cutie! And I'm with you, mourning how fast they grow up!

    1. And somehow the more kids you have, the more you realize how fast it all goes. It does make me kind of sad.


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