Tuesday, October 16, 2012

The Anti-Highlight Reel

Did I ever tell you about the time I walked into a room full of my fellow middle schoolers, sat down, and had to listen to my mom give the whole room a lecture (complete with fun visual aids) on sex education?

Oh, I did?

Well, to continue in the time-honored tradition of humiliating your offspring, I'm going to post a few photos on here.

My original intention wasn't to post bad photos of our children, but I found more bad ones than good when reviewing our recent photos.  Therefore bad is what you shall see.

You'll take it and you'll like it.

(Sorry.  I've still got those mom/seventh grade/sex ed memories careening around my brain.  It always makes me a little cross.)


Guess who still hates having his picture taken?

That's right.  I tried to take his picture on his birthday.  Just call me "Mommy Dearest."

Who wants to play a rousing game of "Guess Which Kid Grows Up To Be A Serial Killer?"  (You should really click on this one to embiggen it, just for the full effect of that dead, glacial stare.)

And here we have Caedmon again, who's hatred of the camera wars with his love for frosting.

And this one's for you, Adelaide.  You can thank me in, oh, say ten years or so.


  1. We keep a picture on our fridge of Emma, somewhere between 18 months and 2 years, in full melt-down. Such a crabby face! It's to counteract all the cute pictures of her on the fridge. We need to remind them once in a while that they aren't ALWAYS angels.

    1. I'm not sure why, but I absolutely love crying baby pictures. Well, not truly miserable, starving baby pictures. More like temper tantrum, meltdown pictures. Or terrified of Santa pictures. Those are the best.

  2. That is some serious icing!

    I have to go read the account about the sex education talk now. Sounds ultra humiliating for a 7th grader.

    1. It was mortifying. And scarring. And I still give my mom crap for it. It does make me wonder what that moment will be for Adelaide and me, though; that moment that she will bring up for the rest of my natural life...


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