Thursday, October 25, 2012

Today Is Just Not a Funny Day

I don't have any sweet or witty or gross stories to share with you today.  

Sorry, guys.  My kids can't be funny every day.

Well, Caedmon was pretty funny yesterday.  We had some Rice Crispy cereal (except it was the Aldi brand, creatively named "Crisp Rice cereal"), and he wanted to try some for the first time.  So I put a bowlful in front of him and poured some milk on top.  It started to make its trademark "Snap Crackle Pop" sound, and Caedmon refused to eat it, because "It's burning!"  

Later, Derek came home from work with a handful of temporary tattoos from the Ames Fire Department.  When Caedmon saw his older siblings each getting one, he decided he needed one, too.  Derek put it on, and Caedmon spent the next thirty seconds trying to get away from his own arm.  The tattoo scared him. 

Atticus and Adelaide then declared that Derek and I also needed firefighter tattoos.  So now each member of our family is sporting matching tattoos.  It makes me feel like we're part of a rad family band that wins musical contests and uses words like 'rad.'  We're practically the Von Trapps over here.  Or the Partridge Family.  *shudder*

Other than those little stories, though, I've got nothing.  So, here are some photos I took last week while Derek was trying to rake the backyard.

I've decided to narrate them for you.

Adelaide in the leaf pile.  Caedmon being cute.  Atticus in the background, not so much raking with the small rake as playing golf with it.

Adelaide recovering from Caedmon dumping leaves on her head.  If Atticus had done it, she would be screaming at him.  Because it was Caedmon, she's laughing.

Derek burying Daughter.

Derek burying Eldest Son.

Atticus about to explode out of the leaf pile.

 A rare All Three Crisler Children In One Shot photo.

Maybe not that rare.

The end.


  1. All that cuteness in one picture!

    You know what's great about having an older kid? They rake their own leaf piles :-) And rake them again. Man, they have so much energy.

    1. She really is right there in between childhood and adulthood, isn't she? She's big enough to rake her own leaves, but small enough to still want to play in them. So fun.

  2. Does Derek always dress up to rake leaves?

    1. This was post-supper one evening, and Derek usually doesn't change out of his work clothes until the kids go to bed. You may notice, however, that he did change into his soccer cleats; he and Atticus played soccer right before all the raking.

  3. Playing in leaves - probably just as much fun as the beach, but without all that sand! I love these photos. My 13-year-old STILL loves playing in the leaves, which is good because it is the only incentive she has for raking them.

    1. I do keep finding dried leaves throughout the house, but that's always better than sand- and I know that in a few months, I'll be complaining about finding wet spots everywhere from all the snow being tracked in.


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