Thursday, November 8, 2012

I Should Probably Start Wearing Thicker Gardening Gloves

One of the fun things about living on an older property are the things you find while digging in the soil.

Did I say fun?  I meant dangerous.

Perhaps, when you think of treasures found in the dirt around an old home, you imagine cool old glass bottles and other interesting artifacts of a time gone by.  Maybe you think about that one time you were digging in the dirt at the teeny tiny house you lived in when you were really young and you found an old, small toy truck.

And by "you," I mean "me."  I wonder whatever happened to that truck?

When the weather's nice, I do quite a bit of digging around here.  I love planting flowers, and although the previous owners had done some landscaping, it's been a joy to add it.

At this point, I really can't remember what all I planted over the course of the recent summer and spring seasons, but I know I planted a couple drumstick primroses, an english primrose, several purple coneflowers, some asters, alaska shasta daisies, and a few pink astilbe.

And I think I tripped and fell and planted seven mums.

And I just planted 74 tulips bulbs a couple weeks ago.  I'm pretty anxious to see how they'll come up in the spring:  ten pink impression, 14 white and red and pink ones whose name I can't remember, and 50 of the new orange impressions I spied in the Breck's Wholesale catalog.  That thing will be the death of me.

Curiously, the only thing I could think about while digging all those holes for the bulbs was how comforting it will be for Derek and the kids to have these beautiful flowers with which to console themselves in the spring if I die this winter.

I'm not sick or anything.  You just never know.

New mums!

Digging holes, contemplating tulips and death, I found the newest stash of broken glass and rusty nails in one of our flower beds. 

That's right.  Nearly every time I get to digging around the perimeter of the house, I come across broken glass, rusty nails, or broken glass mixed in with rusty nails if I'm particularly lucky that day.

On the rare occasion I'm not playing it fast and loose with tetanus, I'm hacking away at tree roots that sprawl just under the surface of the yard, stretching out from the GIGANTIC conifer in our front yard that I just know is going to crush our house someday.

Which I'll write about tomorrow.  (Depending on how Adelaide's parent/teacher conferences go tonight.  If anything fun happens there, I'll be sure to let you know.  I wouldn't count on it, however; she's a good student, which creates zero fodder for the blog.  So ungrateful.)


  1. Busted, auto blogger. Her PTC was last night, you know this, because you were there.

    1. Well, when I wrote this yesterday, her PTC was "tonight."

      And I was still right, wasn't I?

  2. Lord Almighty! 74 tulip bulbs? It would take me 6 weeks to get that many planted. Bulbs are especially difficult to plant, and then the next spring I'm always wondering where I put them - makes for a pleasant surprise most of the time.

    I'm glad you're not sick. Sometimes I think I should clean up the house before I die (I'm not sick either) so that the kids won't be burdened with that, and then the moment passes, and I'm safe again.

    1. Ahahaha- your cleaning comment made me laugh. Cleaning urges always pass me by pretty quickly, too. Thank heaven.

      And it didn't really take that long to plant all those- I just dug big (not big as in deep, but big as in circumference) holes in five different places, threw the bulbs in for a faux-natural look, made sure they were all pointy-side up, covered 'em back up with dirt, and I was done.

  3. 1. my yard is the same way. no apothecary bottles, but i did find an empty bottle of nail polish once. also an expired bottle of my neighbors' antidepressants and a rusty saw blade.


    3. bulbs: are you ever afraid the squirrels will get them? is it too late to plant them now?

    1. Plant your bulbs tomorrow or Saturday! It's supposed to be warm both days, but get cold next week. October is supposed to be the big bulb-planting month here, but you can keep planting until the ground freezes (which it hasn't yet, but could anytime). And I've never had problems with squirrels, but I've heard of lots of other people that have. You can always lay some chicken wire over the ground and cover it with mulch, then take it off either in the winter or when things start sprouting in the spring. That should keep them out.

      And a rusty saw blade- I hope you found that with a shovel and not with your hand!


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