Thursday, November 15, 2012


I didn't post yesterday.  Sue me.  I didn't feel well.

Actually, this cold that has zapped all my energy got me to thinking.  Maybe it's just me, but when I'm not feeling so great or am just having a less than stellar day, it's pretty easy to go down a woe is me, it's my pity party and I'll cry if I want to-kind of path.

Then I remember that I can't stand whiny people, which means I can't be whiny, because I also can't stand hypocrites, so I play a little game with myself.

Generally before bedtime, Derek or I will read Atticus and Adelaide a little snippet from their VeggieTales devotional.  Every once in a while, however, I like to mix things up a bit, and I'll read from Little Visits With God, a book I remember well from my childhood.  In addition to having a slightly different tone from VeggieTales, it was first published in the 1950's, so it has a different perspective, as well.

A while back, I opened Little Visits at random, found an illustration of a smiling boy in a wheel chair, was intrigued, and decided that would be our devotional for the evening.  An excerpt:

"A woman was coming down the sidewalk, pushing a wheel chair.  In it sat a little boy who couldn't walk.  He couldn't even move his hands very much.  He had had polio.  But he was smiling all the time.
     'Look at that boy; he's always smiling,' said Allan.
     'I'd cry if I couldn't walk,' said his sister Margie.
    "But he's doing right by smiling,' said Allan.  'Don't you remember what our minister said about being happy all the time? 'Be glad in the Lord always.' That's a Bible verse.'"

The story continues a bit about remembering Jesus' sacrifice and what it means to be glad in the Lord.  It reminds me a bit of that children's song and game "Count Your Blessings," where basically you name ways you're fortunate and blessed to get your mind off your own petty troubles.

That's the game I play with myself:  "Count Your Blessings."  Although I usually call it "Shut Up, You Big Sissy."

Sometimes you have to be firm.



  1. Replies
    1. Eh, it really wasn't that bad- just a reminder that cold season has begun and we won't be bad germ-free until oh, say, May.

  2. 1) I did notice the missing post and thought about making some smart-alec comment about you missing a day but decided not to be a jerk.

    2) LESLIE GORE! :)

    3) I think I'd have to go a little less on the cheese and stick with "Shut Up, You Big Sissy" as well because "when I'm not feeling so great or am just having a less than stellar day" I also tend to get a little crabby.

    1. I tend to be more than a little crabby. My poor family.

      And now, because you were kind enough to do it for me in the past, should I point out your error in this comment? (MUAHAHAHAHA!)

    2. Yeah, me too. More than a little crabby, that is. I was just trying not to let it ALL hang out! :)

      Error? Yes, you're going to have to tell me before I go crazy! giggle

      Oh, and you missed another day. Just sayin'. . .

    3. I know, I know. I just can't bring myself to post, "I have nothing to say," just for sake of not missing a day.

      Don't go crazy: Lesley Gore.

    4. I hear ya, just had to tease you.
      And phew! Thanks for clarifying that. I guess I just listened to her rather than looking at the correct spelling of her name. :)


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