Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Thanksgiving Over-Explanations

I was going through all the photos from Thanksgiving weekend.  I took 173, and 168 of them seem to be of babies.

I have no idea what happened.  Must have been some kind of fugue state.

You therefore should not be shocked to find that most of the following photos, originally intended to be a little highlight reel of our Thanksgiving weekend, include babies in some form.

Consider yourself warned.

I'd like to submit the following two photos as evidence that Vada should be this generation's Gerber baby.

[You should really click on these to embiggen.  It's the right thing to do.]

Not that I'm biased or anything.

In addition to turkey, we had a little ham present on Thanksgiving.

Her name is Charlotte.  

(Sorry about the turkey-ham joke.  I just had to.  Sometimes I can't control myself.)

Now, I realize Aaron's eyes are doing a kinda scary Exorcist thing in this photo- but just look at Charlotte.  Isn't she so cute?  *Said in the most sickening, gushy voice possible*  

(Not the scary Exorcist eyes.  Charlotte.  Charlotte is so cute.)

(Sometimes I don't know when to stop explaining things.  You should ask me to tell you a joke sometime.  I'll tell you exactly why you should be laughing, and just keep going until you're crying and I'm confused.)


This photo is driving me crazy.  My sisters and Char are obviously enthralled with something... but what is it?  Is this when Becky was throwing a cat in the air?  And did she actually throw the cat, or just pretend to?  I mean, I know they have a few extra kitties they're looking to unload, but I can't see her actually throwing a cat.  

Come to think of it, those aren't 'I'm watching a cat being thrown in the air and it's both hilarious and terrifying' expressions on their faces; that looks more like polite-but-forced interest.

Was I telling a joke?  

No, wait.  I was behind the camera.

Can you tell I'm not at my most coherent right now?

I think right about the time I was snapping the following photos is when Mom was leaning over and asking me, "Isn't that Kelli, the girl who doesn't even like kids?"

Motherhood really does change you.  Although, to be fair, Kelli's been good with all our kiddos, from Adelaide on down (well, once Adelaide got old enough for Kelli to stop being afraid of her).

Charlotte seemed to find Atticus to be particularly interesting.

I think Atticus enjoyed the attention.  Hey, maybe Charlotte should come live with us!  (I'm asking purely on behalf of our son, of course.  There's absolutely nothing in it for me.)

Had enough babies yet?


Oh, I'm kidding.  I'm fresh out of baby pics.  But I do have a couple sweet kitty photos, if that's more your speed.

Adelaide and Boots the cat.  

See, they call him Boots because he has white paws.  Which resemble footwear.  Boots, to be specific.  Hence the name.

(Over-explaining again.  Obviously.  It's a disease.  Except I don't know if it afflicts me or the people I interact with.)

Adelaide, Caedmon, and Boots, whose name you now understand thanks to me.

Do you spend tons of time with your kids, and when they eventually go play by themselves you're like, "FINALLY," but then you start to get curious/frightened as to what they're doing, so you spy on them, and try to take pictures without them noticing?

Me, too.

I hope you all (that would be y'all to the uninitiated) had a terrific Thanksgiving, as well.


  1. 1) Wow, is this your highest number of posts-per-month ever??

    2) Thank you so much for explaining all those details so we wouldn't be left wondering. ;)

    3) Just fyi, as you are posting ever so many pictures, blogger stores your pictures from your blog in a Picasa account which has a limit of free storage and then you have to start paying. If you're like me, this will be after about three years of blogging when you are well and truly addicted to blogging and pretty much consider it your only hobby. Then again, at the rate you're posting, it may come much sooner for you. It's not a lot of money, but it's the principle. Not that I'm bitter or anything. Just thought I'd warn you.

  2. Whaaaa?

    I had no idea! I did a little research after first reading your comment (and freaking out), and it looks like if you don't want to pay for more storage, they'll just start automatically re-sizing your photos to 800 x 800 pixels when you upload them to your blog.

    1. Yes, that's what it looked like to me too, but it simply would not allow me to upload pictures. At all. I paid the $2.49. Grrrr


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