Monday, March 11, 2013


Isn't it funny how five inches of snow in December causes our children to wake up and cry, "SNOW!", but five inches of snow in March provokes responses more like, "Snow.  Blargh."  Your perspective goes from "Winter wonderland, tra la la," to "Freezing cold, white homogenous wasteland, blargh."

Adelaide is currently using a magic eraser to clean off the front of the fridge, because she's having her umpteenth snow day of the school year and wouldn't stop talking to me.  (WHAT?  I talked to her all morning, okay?  This is naptime, the most glorious time of day, where I don't have to talk to anybody if I don't want to.  And I usually don't want to.)

The good news is: despite all this snow, it is March, which means that spring is supposedly on the way (I'm skeptical), and the kiddos and I are heading south this coming weekend to spend spring break with family.

-Attention, internet creepers:  the previous paragraph is not an invitation to come try and break into our home whilst we are away; notice that I said 'the kiddos and I,' which means you'll still have to face 6 feet 5 inches of corn-fed Iowa beef that answers to the name Derek.  Trust me when I say you don't want to go there.-

I was daydreaming with our children this morning about all the things we're going to do while we're there, listing things like play outside, color with chalk, play outside, jump on the trampoline, and play outside.  Adelaide glumly informed me that we're not going to be able to do any of those fun grandma's house things because of all the snow and cold, when I reminded her that we were going to a magical land called southern Kansas where the forecasted highs while we're there are in the 70's.  THE 70'S.  Adelaide and Atticus jumped around in glee, and Cade ran circles around them, excited because they were excited.

Until then, we just have to get through the rest of this snow day (Adelaide is now cleaning the front of the dishwasher, humming a merry tune because she thinks she's almost done- little does she know how filthy I just noticed the oven door and stove top are!  *Cue evil cackling*), a dance clinic and performance that have been squished into one day due to the snow, parent teacher conferences, and a million other little things.

Gracious sakes, how long has it been since someone cleaned the trash can?  Maybe I do love snow days!


  1. "Blargh" is a perfect word for that feeling. I don't think we get as much snow as you do, but I get that blargh feeling about now anyway.

    Make sure you keep up your tradition of having your kids clean on a snow day. My kids' minds become a homogenous wasteland on snow days, and I couldn't get them to clean anything if their lives depended on it.

    1. Honestly, snow days seem to beg for wasteland-minds. I'm just too lazy to entertain or create structure for Adelaide after what feels like a bajillion snow days. Maybe I can blame the ides of March. Except I have no idea when the ides actually fall.

  2. You trying to upset those of us stuck here in this blarghy (nope, not a word but it fits) gray and brown wasteland?????? On the upside....I too have a cleaning list for my kids to do when they even remotely begin to argue (of course they've been playing like best friends all day ~they must know I have a list)

    1. Hmppph! As if you didn't just escape to the beach yourself! WITHOUT children!!!

      And my earlier comment didn't post but I'm too lazy to repost it so you'll have to live without my scintillating wit.

    2. Shonya: "You and your internet creepers. grin

      I agree you must protect naptime to which I would write an ode were I so talented. Alas I am not. Do you want proof? I tried to write a quick ode to Spring this morning and my big kids informed me that I am not Shakespeare. It went something like this:

      Spring, Spring
      Wherefore art thou, oh elusive Spring?"

      The beach comment also came to my inbox, which really confused me until I saw it was a reply to Shayla; I haven't been to the beach in... I have no idea! Five years, maybe?

      And Shayla, I'm glad your kiddos are playing like best friends, and thanks again for all your help yesterday!

  3. As I (try) to read this, Emma is talking nonstop. And she was at school today, so it's not like she's been in solitary all day. I wonder if she'll ever value silence?

    1. I remember holing up in my room for hours when I was teenager, refusing to speak to anyone in the family. So it's nice to hear that she's speaking to you, albeit a little too much.


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