Monday, March 4, 2013

'Crisler Creeping' Isn't Quite Right, Either

Maybe I should give all these lists I make a cutesy name, like... I don't know.  Keeping Up With The Crislers?  It has a nice alliterative ring to it, but then I feel like I should have either the K's or the C's agree, which means it would either have to be Keeping Up With the Krislers, which would be konfusing (someone please stop me), making people think maybe our last name really does begin with a K and I just made it a "C" to confuse internet creepers (there's a brilliant idea that came along two years too late), or it would have to be Ceeping Up With the Crislers, but that looks like it should be pronounced "seeping" and I don't even know what that's supposed to mean.

Plus I hate it when people change the spelling of something just to make it match or appear cute.  (Just think of all those times you've seen the word "crazy" spelled with a K on a sign or ad.)  So I don't know why I'm entertaining this train of thought in the first place.

Anyway.  A list.

  • Last week I was chatting with our delightful children's librarian when she mentioned a gas explosion she'd seen on the news, and all the people that had gotten hurt.  Instead of expressing dismay or concern, I said the the first thing that popped into my head, which was, "I always kinda wonder about gas explosions now, because in the Harry Potter books, that's the wizarding world's go-to excuse for any kind of magical wrong-doing in the muggle world.  So when you say 'There was a gas explosion,' I automatically think,  Must be wizards."  She gave kind of a baffled laugh and said, "What?"  And I said, "Sorry.  I'm becoming too comfortable around you, and that makes me say weird things."

  • We spent the weekend at Derek's grandma's 95th birthday celebration/family reunion of sorts.  Derek didn't feel well, and I had an infected eyelid- you know, the kind of thing that generally befalls you when one would like to at least appear normal in a crowd of people.  Because nothing says, "Thanks for letting me swim in your gene pool," like a red, swollen infection on your face.

  • Adelaide brought home a project from school the other day.  Around the perimeter she had written, "I love Books, Jesus, Mommy, Daddy, Atticus, Caedmon, Candy, God, Cheetahs, Animals, Colors, Sparkles, Vikings, and Cyclones."  Apparently this is what a true Derek/Kristy hybrid looks like.

Creeping With the Crislers?  The Crisler Cult? <------Now there's a blog name that could never backfire!

The Crisler Credo?

I'm no longer making any sense, am I?  


  1. Cyclones? That kid isn't scared of anything :-)

    I really enjoy reading your crazy stuff --you write good :-)

    1. Iowa State Cyclones, I think she is scared of Tornadoes


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