Tuesday, March 26, 2013

The Pope, Easter, and Star Wars

It's Tuesday.  I made a list for you.  You're welcome.

  • I've decided to either convert to Catholicism or adopt the new Pope as another grandfather.  Because seriously?  Pope Francis is... he's just... he's amazing.  He's been doing stuff like eschewing all the pomp and dress codes and window dressing that surround the papacy and is instead doing things like embracing simplicity and, well, loving people instead.  Now don't get me wrong.  I'm a Missouri Synod Lutheran.  I love tradition, religious rituals, liturgy, you name it.  I tend to prefer hymns to modern praise music, and one of my very favorites was written in the 10th century and resembles Gregorian chant more than anything else.  So I'm okay with pomp and dress codes and window dressing.  But Pope Francis is washing the feet of imprisoned juvenile delinquents and refusing to throw away his wrong-colored shoes because they're still new.  He's being more like Jesus and less like me, and trust me when I say that this is a very good thing.  (I love this blog if you want to read more about my newest grandpa.)

  • I was saying something the other day about being "knocked over" when Atticus exclaimed, "Hey!  That's the month my birthday's in!"  I then realized that he genuinely believes that he was born in the month of "Knocked Over," and have since been having trouble convincing him that he was, in fact, born in the month of October.  Then today, Caedmon told me, "My birthday's in Knocked Over, too!"  Cade was born in September, so he has no excuse for this mispronunciation.  Well, other than being two years old.

  • Apparently this Sunday is Easter Sunday.  I haven't bought any candy or egg dye.  I haven't done any Jesus-y lessons with the kids.  I haven't bought Adelaide a new Easter dress.  I am okay with all this.  (Except for the Jesus stuff.  I had planned on doing this elaborate crafty lesson thingy with the kids in the two weeks leading up to Easter, but I forgot about it 'til today.  Story of my life.)

  • I just realized I could call the Pope "el Papa," as this is an accepted term for "Grandfather" and means "Pope" in Spanish!  I just can't call him "la Papa."  Because then I'd be calling him a potato.  

  • Here are a few more photos of our trip.

The kiddos and Derek's mom on the back of an old train we had a ball exploring.

The force is strong with this one.  But not the one in the back.


  1. I believe Jesus is with us even when we forget. Maybe especially when we forget. If that isn't true, then I'm sunk. I am a firm believer in finding God in the ordinary, everyday events of life. For example, Pope Grandpa who is doing ordinary things like ordinary people do! There is definitely a place for fun and wonderful craft lessons with kids, but if a Mom can't get around to doing that because, for instance, she's still recovering from a Jiffy episode, then doesn't the Bible say that's okay? I hope. Jesus gives me a lot of hope.

    That hat is the Best Ever for a jedi knight.

    Born in the month of "Knocked Over" ! Hilarious!

    Going now to look up references to Jiffy episodes on Bible gateway.

    Happy holy week.

    1. "Pope Grandpa." I like it.

      And this was a very encouraging comment!

  2. It is nice to have a Pope that one can actually respect. Still, I think it's so strange that people pay that much attention to a church leader --I don't get it myself. And I was raised Catholic :-)

    I am not terribly ready for Easter myself. I blame this cold (the viral type). I have ordered Emma's nut-free chocolates, but they haven't been delivered yet. I have to find the Easter basket we use, and at 12 she still would like either a stuffed animal or a new fun pillow. Which is good.

    My husband has a hat like your son's --we only pull it out for the sub-zero yard work :-)

    1. I suppose I pay attention to church leaders because they're supposed to be a positive role model in a world of chock-full of terrible role models. Sadly, they don't always seem to succeed- which is why I love Pope Grandpa so much!


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