Monday, April 29, 2013

Meet the Newest Member of our Family

His name is Victor.

(A quick aside:  My hyacinths are blooming!  Huzzah!)

Victor enjoys pillaging seaside villages, color-coordinating his outfits with the flowers around him, and brandishing his broadsword at greedy rabbits.  I hope.

I'm also pretty sure he OD's on caffeine every morning.

Painfully awake.

It's somewhat rare for Derek and me to so enthusiastically agree on home (or lawn) decor, but Victor was just kitschy enough for me and just Viking-y enough for Derek; thus, V's adoption was sealed.

I was a little leery of Victor the Viking at first, perched there on top of one of our bookcases throughout the winter.  I first read The Lion, The Witch, and the Wardrobe at a rather formative age, and have since wondered about every statue I've come across.  What this thing once alive?  Has it been frozen by a cold-loving, Christmas-hating villainess?  

Eventually, however, I got used to Victor's twitchy-eyed stare, and the two of us began conversing on a regular basis.  And by "conversing," I mean I rambled and V listened.  Victor is an excellent listener.

It was a long winter, okay?  Give me a break.

Today's his first day outside.  Am I worried he'll get lonely out there all by himself tonight?  Of course not, hahahaha, that would be crazy, hahahaha!   

On a completely unrelated note, look what I just found on the internets:

She's THIRTY BUCKS (and by "she," I mean Victoria; I've already named her), so there's pretty much no way she'll find a home around here, which is a shame, as she looks like an ideal companion for our Victor, not to mention the fact that she could bash garden vermin with her watering can and bake little garden gnome cookies for visitors.  

It's just as well, I suppose.  I can see myself going totally out of control on this one and adding Viking gnome children and grandchildren.  Then we'd be "those people" in our neighborhood.  If we're not already.

Update:  According to Derek, his name is spelled "Viktor." As in "Viktor the Vikings mascot."  Of course.


  1. Welcome Victor! Maybe he'll become friends with other gnomes in your neighborhood!
    (I have totally watched gnomeo and Juliet too many times!)


    1. Never seen it. Maybe now I'll have to.

  2. Replies
    1. I thought so, too. Derek's reaction was a little different, though: "She is way too old for Viktor!"

  3. oh. my. word. viccccctoooooorrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.

    i am in love. i feel like he's itching to move to cedar falls in the near future.

    maybe the reason he's so wide-eyed is that he's gazing into his future, hoping for a wife... just something to think about.

    1. So what you're saying is you want some tacky yard art as a housewarming gift. I'm on it.

  4. Mother's Day present, right there Derek!!

    1. That would be so funny. And perfect.

  5. Twitchy-eyed! LOL!

    I agree with Shonya and CHM: Victor needs his Victoria.

    1. I'm not sure how well the photos communicated that one of his eyes is, in fact, frozen in a perpetual twitch. It makes him that much more lovable.

  6. Replies
    1. I'll concede the spelling of "Viktor," but I'm afraid I can't allow "Viktoria." Because that would be ridiculous!

  7. Victoria can be Viktor's mother. Obviously this should have been your Mother's Day gift! ;)


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