Friday, April 19, 2013

Society for the Protection of Non-Sentient Beings

I've held myself off from making a list as long as I could.  Looks like I made it three weeks.  Improvement.

  • It's been raining for about a week straight around here.  No, it hasn't been fun to be forced inside by cold, rainy weather, but at least it wasn't snow.  Until this morning, that is.  When it started snowing.  

  • Spell Check.  I don't like it.  It's always trying to tell me that me that my words are not words.  Summarization is a word, mmkay, Spell Check?  Crisler is... well, not a word, but it is spelled correctly.    Anyone know how to turn Spell Check off?

  • Yesterday afternoon, when I put Cade down for his nap, I left him with an assortment of books and toys in his crib to keep him occupied should he wake up before the official end of nap time (we don't fool around with the length of nap time around here; they can read books, they can play with toys, they can split their personalities into dozens of fractured pieces due to an extra thirty minutes' worth of motherly neglect, but they must be quiet and they must leave me the heck alone until nap time is officially over); one of his chosen toys was Mrs. Potato Head (Ms. Potato Head?  Miss Potato Head?  I don't know what the politically correct term is for female root vegetables of ambiguous marital status.  I'm sure there's some group of perpetually offended individuals who would be happy to set me straight, right after they douse me in whatever color paint you use when you've decided to be disgruntled on behalf of plants).  ANYWAY.  When I went to get Caedmon up from his nap, I found him sitting in his crib, decked out in Miss/Mrs./Ms. Potato Head's earrings, handbag, and glasses.  He took the earrings and purse off quickly enough, but refused point blank to part with the glasses.  "These are MY glasses, Mommy.  I wear glasses like the Other Atticus."  We'd had some friends over to play in the morning, you see, and one of these friends, the Other Atticus, wears glasses.

     He wore those things for two hours, including to and from the bus stop.  My face hurt just looking at him.


  1. Yes, we got the snow this morning too! Snow squalls. I did not appreciate them at all.

    And darn! I wanted a picture with the handbag and earrings!

    1. Wow. "Snow squall" sounds way more fun and whimsical than "storm." I think I'm going to use that one to get me through 'til spring.

  2. Your naptime policy is the BEST. You are striking a blow for mental and physical health for every mother, ensuring that they don't turn into "female root vegetables of ambiguous marital status," which, by the way, is the most awesomestly funny phrase I have read all week. ("Awesomestly" was picked up by spell check, and in fact is not a word.)

    I think your son rightly recognizes that Mrs Potato Head has better accessories than Mr Potato Head. But if only those neon-green glasses were a leetle bit bigger....

    1. I didn't know Mrs. Potato Head existed until Adelaide received her for her second birthday. She does have her bag, her earrings, a weird little flower that maybe is supposed to be a corsage. You know, things that no lady potato could ever do without.


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