Monday, May 13, 2013

Adelaide's Having Yet Another Birthday

On my children's birthdays, I like to torture myself by looking at their past birthday photos.

 Ah, yes.  Adelaide's first birthday.  I went all crazy-first-time-mom on her and didn't let her have any sweets for that first year, with the exception of that one time her Daddy let her have a single taste of his ice cream cone and I half-convinced myself she was going to get instant diabetes.  

Because of all that, by the time her first birthday rolled around, she had (almost) never had any sweets, and had certainly never had the pleasure of tasting the deliciousness that is a Funfetti cupcake.  

Allow me to narrate.

Wondering just what this mysterious object her mother is unwrapping for her is because the previously mentioned overprotective psychopath has been withholding cake for her entire life.

But hey, she's brave.  She'll dive face-first into this thing that looks and smells nothing like the nasty pureed vegetables Mommy's been stuffing her with.

At this point she sat up, a little confused, because there's obviously crap all over her face, and she hadn't yet tasted it.  

Shortly thereafter, however, she drummed up the courage to take a little taste.  Then the feeding frenzy began.

I really wish the sound were better on this video, because what you can't hear is the crazy nostril-panting she's doing the whole time she's cramming that cupcake into her mouth (but you can certainly hear that over- achieving diva bird), and what you don't see is that every so often I have to wipe cake and frosting off her nose; she refused to take the cupcake away from her face in order to engage in such meaningless exercises as breathing.

I was looking for a decent recent photo of Adelaide to stick in here, but this is how she spends half her time, anyway.  I'm calling it good enough.

Happy 7th Birthday, Adelaide!


  1. Hee, hee, we all mess our kids up a little bit with our parenting ideals, don't we?!

    And my kiddos are loving Shel Silverstein right now too!

  2. Oh my god! That photo of her face-down on that cupcake is just awesome! That will need to come out when she brings her first boyfriend home :-)

    1. Whoa now Cassi Renee. Lets slow down on all this "boyfriend" talk.
      Signed, Dad who's okay with sugar but not okay with boys dating daughter.


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