Wednesday, May 8, 2013


My previous post was sad, depressing, and dreary.  To compensate, let's talk about something bright, cheerful, and uplifting!

My tulips are blooming!

Aside from a few stems that snapped under the weight of the snow, our recent freak snowstorm had little noticeable effect on the flowers.  Thank the good Lord.

By the bye, did you know that for a time as a child Audrey Hepburn subsisted primarily on tulip bulbs during WWII in her occupied home of Holland to avoid starvation?  It was the one interesting fact I was able to glean from an otherwise dull biography of the actress.  I tell you what, it takes raw talent to make her life seem so boring, but that author did it.  Terribly impressive.  And impressively terrible.


Let's take a little tulip tour around the yard, shall we?

Red Impressions!

Pink Impressions!

Orange Impressions!

More Orange Impressions!  I think!

I forget!  

No idea!

Viktor propping up the almost-spent hyacinths and more Red Impressions!

Doesn't this picture give you instant daydreams about our favorite Viking gnome skulking through the flowers, singing "Tiptoe Through the Tulips" in a creepy falsetto, decapitating demon rabbits with nary a break in stride or melody?

No?  Just me?

The new grill/smoker.  Derek calls it "our" new grill the same way I call them "our" flowers.  

I wasn't real gung-ho on getting a new one at first, but I guess I understand why he got tired of taking his life in his hands every time he had to wrestle the lid off our old, rusty, hinge-fell-off grill.  Apparently those lids get super hot when you cook in the contraptions.  Who knew, right?  It was a hand-me-down grill (or as I liked to call it, our heirloom grill) that had surpassed its life expectancy, anyway.  

Derek's excited about his new, masculine cooking toy, and its found a perfect home on top of the old cistern.  Sure, we had to dig up some lilies that grew right under the side charcoal-fire-holder-thingy (that's a technical term), but they really should have been divided long ago.  I separated them into seven sizable clumps and scattered them around the yard.  

And guess what?  Our last snowman finally finished melting yesterday!  


  1. All those tulips colors are beautiful - definitely uplifting and cheerful. I also find the thought of cooking on the grill to be uplifting because a) it's usually not me doing that cooking and b) it means summer is coming.

  2. I love the "I forgets"! For favorite colors

  3. Did you see that beautiful Black offset smoker? My goodness it was handsome. And his name is Joe.

    Also, its called a fire box, the manufacturer thought "side charcoal-fire-holder-thingy" was a tad long for a name.

  4. Also, why does Viktor always seem surprised to be getting his picture taken? You ought not sneak up on a Norseman holding a sword.

  5. Beautiful tulips! I'm so glad your snow is gone! And you even remembered the actual names of most of your tulips. Very impressive.

    We have to get a new grill too, but sadly it's usually me cooking on it. Rob is extremely color-blind, and can't really tell when the meat is cooked. However, since I'm going to be out of commission for a month and a half soon, I'm not too worried about grilling this summer.

  6. I appreciate your optimistic label for the "last snowman."

    Love the tulips--I'm almost tempted to plant some for next year as they seem to be everywhere I look (what do I expect living 15 minutes from Pella, right?!) and they sure are beautiful!


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